“One of a Kind” at Charles Worthington

“One of a Kind” at Charles Worthington


I was recently contacted by the marketing manager of the Charles Worthington Hair Salons in London. She had seen my products online and thought that The Secret Scent Societe’ would be a good fit for the intimate client event they were organise at their flagship store in Fitzrovia.

Charles Worthington himself was going to be opening the evening and along with myself they had also invited a personal shopper from Reiss and the celebrity make-up artist Ariane Poole who would be doing a live makeup demonstration on the night.

Charles personally going to be introducing me and I was going to be given an area where I could set up my products to sell. It wasn’t a huge area but ~I figured that as it was such an intimate event for their most loyal customers I wouldn’t need to bring that much stock with me anyway plus I had a beautiful stone mantelpiece that I could use to display my reed diffusers.

They were giving out goody bags to all of the guests so I was asked if I could contribute towards it, so I made up some Coconut & Soy wax travel Candle samples for them to include. She knew about my feature in VOGUE which she was eager for me to highlight so I designed and made some displays featuring my article. I took along with me 4 kinds of Wood Wick Candles, my Massage Candles, 3 of my Luxury Candles, Hair Perfume, Eau de Parfum and Reed Diffusers.

The evening was a very relaxed and well organised affair, with demonstrations by both Ariane, a senior hair stylist showing the newest GHD’s, and a personal shopper from Reiss, with lots of canapés and champagne! It was a fun, interesting and successful evening. People were very complimentary about my products and brand, and I made some sales (2 of which were candles that are going to be used in the lady’s summer wedding!).

I also took the opportunity to promote my new Bespoke Candle Service also, which is a service I’m now offering that includes a completely bespoke scent, and customised options (such as container type and colour choices) for candles.  That seemed to really go down very well as I had a lot of people enquiring about this service.

Afterwards, I was presented with some goody bags of my own which I was chuffed to bits with: One was a bag filled with full sized Charles Worthington products, and the other one was from Reiss: A gorgeous gold and leather wrist band.

Even though I was technically there to work, I found the whole experience very enjoyable and not at all like work. I loved talking to people to hear what they liked or didn’t like. Which were their favourite products and what they would like to see in the future. I found the whole experience really invaluable.  Plus the staff at Charles Worthington seemed to really like the products too.

I got talking to this lovely older lady, who had been going to Charles Worthington for 12 years (she did infact have very lovely hair), and after hearing that one of her favourite hair stylists wanted to get a bespoke candle made for his wedding in September, she generously offered to buy it for him as a wedding gift. Very sweet!

Here are some Pictures from the event:

IMG_0918 IMG_0912 IMG_0913 IMG_0919 IMG_0911





We’ve been featured on Luxury Travel Diary!

We’ve been featured on Luxury Travel Diary!

Luxury Travel

We’re really chuffed here at The Secret Scent Societe’ to have received a glowing review about our products on A Travel Diary, written by blogger and luxury lover Yasmin. A Travel Diary is an exciting luxury travel and beauty blog based in Sandbanks, UK, and they review destinations, hotels and luxury items aswell as hold regular holiday auctions on their website.

You can see the review about our reed diffusers RoseGold and Vintage Gardenia and our candle Indian Mistress of the Night here:


In other news: It looks like i’ll finally be surrendering to the very obvious fact that I am no photographer and getting some professional product photography done in the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait!

Pomp & Circumstance the show stealer!

Pomp & Circumstance the show stealer!


I hope you had a great Bank Holiday weekend. The weather certainly could have been better!
I’m desperate for some sun and am counting down the days until I go to Las Vegas. Just under a week to go now!

Last week I had my showcase at Publicis in Central London. They invited me down to use there space to sell and promote my products to there staff. I was only there over the lunchtime period so considering I was only there for a mere 2 hours it went very well! I had alot of very good feedback, the men in particular seemed impressed with my products – it’s usually very hard to impress men with fragrant products but they asked alot of questions and complimented my packaging so I was quite flattered. Pomp & Circumstance, my Limited Edition Bulgarian Rose & Jasmine Soy Candle stole the show. It has such a depth and character to it, and it is almost impossible to pick out the individual notes as it has such complexity. Pomp & Circumstance is a very luxurious fragrance. It’s a shame I can’t upgrade this candle to part of my standard range, but my supplier of Bulgarian Rose doesn’t always have it so it has to remain Limited Edition for now. Nonetheless, Cloud Nine remained a firm favourite, I love playing the game with my clients of “guess the fragrance”, and there was one guy in particular who was brilliant at it! He could recognise some of the components, which is quite hard to do as I usually have quite a few notes and accords in my fragrances. Creme’ De La Creme’, Ambrosial Peach and Indian Mistress of the Night still seem to be a winner with both sexes. I was told that The Caspian Sea was very true to the brief: A subtle, fresh, light, aquatic scent. Lavender, With Love, I knew would be a favourite as it’s a white candle and women love Lavender!
Anniversary, the candle and the reed diffuser was hands down the most sought after fragrance of all. I anticipated that it might be so that was handy.

Publicis do regular marketing events like this at there offices for small creative businesses like mine, so hopefully I’ll get invited back in the future. I am planning to introduce a few new products to my range like body cream’s and souffle’s, salt and sugar scrubs, perfumes, bath oils and I may have an attempt at making Cold Process Soap. It’s a little more technical then M&P soap which I already make, and it takes longer to cure. I’m not so certain I have the patience to wait but we’ll see! 🙂

Pictures from the event:

Publicis Showcase 2

Publicis Showcase 3

Reed Diffusers, Incense & More!

Reed Diffusers, Incense & More!

RoseGold 9

I’ve been keeping very busy these past couple of weeks. Between marketing my new candle fragrances: RoseGold, Lavender, With Love and Anniversary, doing a new product photoshoot and trying to keep up to date on all of my social media’s: instagram, pinterest, facebook and twitter to name just a few! I’ve started on my range of luxurious solid lotion bars, incense sticks and more diffuser fragrances and I’ve also been invited to sell with notonthehighstreet and preparing for an easter showcase at a marketing company this month. PHEW!

No rest for the wicked eh?!

More details on my super luxurious solid lotion bars in the next post!

*New* Reed Diffusers!

*New* Reed Diffusers!

Vintage Gardenia Reed Diffuser 3Reed Diffusers are a perfectly harmless and effective way of fragrancing your home and office as they contain just a handful of ingredients, the active ingredients (reeds and a special diffuser oil) serving as a unique vessel through which to carry the fragrance until it disperses into the air.

Diffusers are particularly great because they last quite awhile – up to 5 or 6 months and the only real maintenance they require is a regular turning of the reeds so that the reeds can continue to disperse the fragrance without them getting completely saturated. Also when your fragrance runs out you can reuse the bottle and just purchase more diffuser oil and reeds so it works out to be very economical indeed.

There is also no flame so you can happily leave them to scent a room without fear of setting anything alight and of course The Secret Scent Societe’ diffusers come in an array of unique, luxurious and highly fragrant scents including our new “Vintage Gardenia” with Gardenia Flower and Sandalwood and RoseGold with Rose and another secret ingredient 😉

I will keep you posted as to when they will be available for sale. Right now I’m trying to source suitable packaging!


Pin Ups!

Pin Ups!




I hope you’re wrapping up warm! It’s starting to get very cold all of a sudden! brrr!

I FINALLY received my new reed diffuser bottles and made my first one on Monday night. I made it to give as a gift so I hope they like it!

I’m still trying to decide which fragrances I’d like to make for my new reed diffusers.

Which is your favourite scent? (see fragrance descriptions below). All fragrances are available to buy in candle form from my etsy page.

Ambrosial Peach: Ambrosial Peach has a sultry mix of fresh and fragrant Peaches and another secret ingredient. This elegant, sensual and classic aroma is quiet but dangerously captivating.

Black Frost combines Tomato Leaf, a gourmand, vanillic heart of Tonka Bean, zesty Orange and other secret ingredients to create an unusual, creamy, sophisticated, and highly addictive fragrance.

3 AM has a powdery, sweet, floral fragrance and is made up of Baby Powder, a heart of Ylang Ylang, smoky Nag Champa and other secret ingredients. This is a confident, opulent, glamorous fragrance that makes an impression and really lingers.

I’m also working on 5 new fragrances: Anniversary, Vintage Gardenia, RoseGold, Lavender, With Love and Imperial Jasmine.

Also, I joined Pinterest yesterday so if you’d like to see more of what I’m working on then Pin me!