Why choose The Secret Scent Societe’?

Why choose The Secret Scent Societe’?

The Caspian 5

Because our middle name is “luxury”
Because we are completely transparent about everything that goes into our products
Because we use natural ingredients
Because we are eco friendly and use locally sourced products
Because we create unique fragrances that you and your friends will love
Because our products are 100% handmade
Because we are not mass produced
Because we are passionate about what we do
Because we use quality products and our emphasis is on quality not quantity
Because we believe in signature fragrances for men and women
Because we want to compliment your home and business and help you in your quest to make your environment look and smell beautiful
Because we think we create the perfect gift!
Because we provide choices: colour choices, fragrance choices, ingredient choices
Because we make our luxury fragrance and skincare with you in mind ๐Ÿ™‚

Try our beautiful handmade skincare and fragrance products and see for yourself!


The Great Gatsby!

The Great Gatsby!

Starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Carey Mulligan, this 1920’s set soon to be Hollywood blockbuster movie promises to be nothing short of a certified film classic. With glamorous ladies in fur coats and flapper dresses a plenty and there equally stylish men wearing fashionable suits smoking cigars the fashion world is going crazy with anticipation to see this period film and so The British Emporia Team on Etsy to which I’m affiliated decided to do something fun to commemorate the occasion and have created a wonderful Great Gatsby inspired Pinterest board featuring my French Vanilla and Rice Flower scented soy candle “Cloud Nine”. The team had to submit or make handmade creations that would be fitting for this era to use for the Pinterest board and I think everything on there looks fantastic!

Have a look for yourself here: http://pinterest.com/britishemporia/british-emporia-team-challenge-1-the-great-gatsby/

The Secret Scent Societe’s Cloud Nine Eco Soy Luxury Soy Candle:

New Cloud Nine 4