Pilfering in Barcelona

Pilfering in Barcelona


Is the title of my new short story. Since I was indeed Pilfered in Barcelona.

They took my brand new phone and my money and I was not best pleased I can assure you.

Should you have the desire to read my holiday tales I now have a selection of 11 would you believe?! My short (ish) stories are based on my experiences in the following places and they are as amusing as they are true:

1.  Trinidad & Tobago

2. Miami, USA

3. Lake Como, Italy

4. Cancun, Mexico

5. New York, USA

6. Las Vegas, USA

7. Santorini, Greece

8. Herefordshire, UK

9. Barcelona, Spain

10. Negril, Jamaica

11. Caribbean Cruise

What is my favourite story? – Well I guess it’s gotta be Trinidad and Tobago as it was the most surreal holiday of them all and will be familiar to a lot of women planning their big day (or someone else’s!).

I’m off to Croatia next week and I really am hoping (indeed praying!), that there will be no drama to be had and therefore I will have a pleasant time unworthy of note.

The Tale of a Psycho Bride is coming to a Kindle Store near you!

The Tale of a Psycho Bride is coming to a Kindle Store near you!

Top of the Morning to ya Bloggee’s and Bloggetts!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend?!

I went to see a new play by the Royal Shakespeare Company called “Bring up the Bodies” on Friday night which I really enjoyed! then on Saturday my sister and I took my Mum to an allday Spa in Surrey for her Birthday. She loved it!

Remember awhile ago I told you that I was writing a story about my holiday to New York? Well since then I have written a further 9 stories including a short story about my holiday to Trinidad and Tobago back in 2006.

I recently decided to self publish my story through Amazon for sale to Kindle readers and have been in the process of editing and getting a front cover illustration done for it so that I can make it available for sale. And I’m pleased to say that I’m almost finished!

BRIDEZILLA! “The Tale of the Psycho Bride” is about a disastrous wedding I went to in the Caribbean with my sister and is a true story. It’s already been read by some family, friends and colleagues who loved it and begged me to make it available for sale to the general public.

I will let you know the release date soon! I hope you will buy a copy!

The Front cover illustration: