Bronze Goddess Tinted Lip Balm Recipe

Bronze Goddess Tinted Lip Balm Recipe


Good Arvo Bloggee’s and Bloggette’s!  How the devil are ya?

Today I have a most wonderful lip balm recipe for you inspired by the coming of Spring (yay!). Its called Bronze Goddess Tinted Lip Balm and I think you’re going to love it! It is super moisturising and will leave a subtle bronze tint on your lips so pucker up and enjoy! 🙂

You will need:

A suitable lip balm tube or pot to put your lip balm in

2 tsp. beeswax
2 1/2 tsp. coconut oil
1/2 tsp. cocoa butter
1 tsp. mango butter
1/2 tsp. vitamin E oil
1/2 tsp. castor oil
1 tsp. sweet almond oil
1 tsp. kukui nut oil
1 tsp. aloe vera oil
1/4 tsp. amber mica powder

A few drops of an Essential Oil (try to stay away from using Citrus Oils though as most are photosensitive which means that they are sensitive to the exposure of sunlight)


Combine all butters and oils in a double boiler and melt them over gentle heat. Once all ingredients have melted remove pot from heat. Add essential oil if desired and then add the amber mica. Stir to blend well. Pour the mixture into pots or tubes. Let them cool and set.


Treasury Feature 06/06/14

Treasury Feature 06/06/14

Happy Friday!

And what a glorious one it is too! If you’re at home stuck indoors get out! tis truly gorgeous today (mind you I can’t talk as I’m sitting at my PC indoors typing to you!), lol

So, I know it’s been awhile since I updated you with a Etsy feature, but that’s not because I haven’t had any – I just honestly haven’t had the time.

BRIDEZILLA! has been edited now, I’m just getting my Aunty Jacqui to proofread it one more time before I upload it for sale in Amazon. It needs to be formatted for use as a Kindle download as I’m hoping that I’ve done everything correctly!

Without further ado, this treasury is entitled “Summer Signs” and features my Coconut & Fig scented candle “Anniversary”.

Vegan Mugs Etsy

Peppermint Soap Etsy

Laundry Soap Etsy

Coconut & Fig Soy Candle “Anniversary”

Anniversary Candle

This Treasury is entitled “China White Wedding” and features my personal favourite: our Apple Blossom & Pear scented soy candle

white bracelet Etsy

glass flutes Etsy

french style pic Etsy

Apple Blossom & Pear Soy Candle:

Apple Blossom candle 8

This Etsy treasury is entitled May77 and is a refreshing, spring inspired treasury featuring my Peach candle “Ambrosial Peach”

purple ring Etsy

phone wallet Etsy

ceramic tray Etsy

“Ambrosial Peach” Layered Soy Candle

Ambrosial Peach 16

To see the full Etsy treasury for “Summer Signs”

To see the full Etsy treasury for May77:

To see the full Etsy treasury for “China White Wedding”

Also, I’ve heard from the guardian of my new kittens Franklin and Sansa who will be joining my home in just a few short weeks that they are doing well and growing fast!

A song for the weekend, and my song for the Summer! Enjoy!

Dubtribe Sound System – Do It Now (Knee Deep Club Remix)

Roll on June!

Roll on June!

I have some very exciting news: We are getting kittens! 2 British Shorthair Kittens! 🙂

We went to Norfolk not too long ago to see a breeder who had British Shorthairs so that we could choose our kittens from his litter – we specifically wanted to get a blue boy and a lilac girl and was prepared to wait until we found them. I have wanted a British Shorthair ever since I can remember and since we decided to leave my beautiful ginger tom cat Jackson Brown with my Mum we started considering bringing some kittens into our happy home.
So I am delighted to announce that we will be getting them at the end of June. We also booked our holiday to the South of France – we’re going to go there for a week before returning home to pick up our kittens and begin our parental duties. I cannot wait to shower them with lots of love and affection, play with them and allow them the run of the house! I know that they are going to love living with us and I intend to treat them very well indeed. As my kittens are pedigree they will be indoor cats but I have bought some harnesses for them so that we can take them out in our back garden as I really don’t believe in having them spend there entire lives inside, pedigree or no pedigree!

Here are some pictures of them. They are brother and sister, the boy is called Franklin and the girl is called Sansa (after the character in the Games of Thrones).

My blue boy Franklin (at just over 1 month old)


My lilac girl Sansa (at just over 1 month old)




Las Vegas seems all but a distant memory for me now, even though technically it’s been a mere 4 weeks since I returned from there, lol. Alas, I have realised that holidays and me, well we just go hand in hand. Escaping the hugely unpredictable weather in the UK to seek out sun, sea and luxuriation is compulsory for me and I need AT LEAST 2 longhaul holidays a year, not to mention additional European or UK ventures. Last year was a great year as I managed to go on 4 holidays: to Jamaica, Ibiza, The Dominican Republic and Lake Como in Italy not to mention Wales and Leamington Spa. The previous year I went to New York twice, to Amsterdam, Herefordshire and Hertfordshire. So, I’ve had a pretty good run methinks.

In 2 weeks time (Wooooo!), Ian and I are going to Cancun in Mexico. I haven’t been to Mexico before, so I’m really looking forward to experiencing all that it has to offer. We’ll be staying at the “Adults Only” resort Secrets Silversands Riviera, with an all inclusive package that’s entitled “Ultimate Luxury”. I am keen to find out what that entails as it sounds splendiferous! P.S I realise that splendiferous isn’t actually a word but you know what I mean, lol.

So..Bring on the Ultimate Luxury oh yes indeed!

Silversands 2


silversands 3

“Oh what a beautiful moooorning!, Oh what a beautiful daaay!” :)

“Oh what a beautiful moooorning!, Oh what a beautiful daaay!” :)

Bois 2

Good Morning!

According to the weather forecast we have some pretty amazing weather to look forward to today! I know it’s not QUITE Las Vegas climes but it’ll do just nicely thank you very much 🙂

I have some good news, and some even better news to report but I’ll leave the even better news to a bit later.

As you know I was selected to do a feature about my fragrance business on Joelle Chan’s blog recently and it went live today so please take a moment to check it out and if you haven’t already subscribed to my blog, then it’s only one click away!

Have an amazing day 🙂