Hi! 🙂

I just got back this morning from sunny Preston in Lancashire, where my little brother graduated from his Sports Event Management Degree. The ceremony itself was very formal and I did worry for a moment that I would actually fall asleep as the presenter kept on droning on and on in a tedious, monotone voice and all of the graduates who went up on the stage just shook his hand and walked off again, but when my brother went up to collect his scroll and handshake he lightened the mood immediately by moonwalking onto the stage and doing a little dance.

He has always had bags of confidence and a fun loving personality and despite the hard times I know that he’s been through these past few months he has showed that he could not only triumph, but appreciate the fact that he’s worked hard, persevered and has come a long way. Sometimes, appreciating when things are good, can be the hardest thing to do, but sometimes it’s the most important.

So thanks to my little brother, who I am so very proud of, and ConGRADtulations!

Beau in his garbs