Myddleton Road Summer Festival

Myddleton Road Summer Festival

In less then 2 weeks time The Secret Scent Societe’ will be showcasing our gorgeous  fragrant wares to the residents of North London at the Myddleton Road Summer Festival.

Myddleton Road Market is a fabulous local market, that recently won The Great British Market Award for Best Small Community Market.

Featuring a hand selected group of local business owners and designer/makers (I don’t actually live locally but my sister in law actually lives on Myddleton Road itself!), and including Arts and Crafts, Jewellery, Accessories, Clothes, Beauty and Food sellers, the market will also have live Music, Face Painting and even a Fun Fair for Children.

Following our successful event at the Charles Worthington salon a few weeks ago we are on form to spread a little perfumed joy to all of the people of Myddleton Road and beyond and we are looking forward to maybe meeting some of you there!

You can find the details of the festival below (spread the word!)



Also, our website will be going live very soon.

Candle Massage Therapy

Candle Massage Therapy

Cloud Nine Candle

 Aromatherapy Massage Candles (also known as Body Candles) are a relatively new phenomenon and they have been gaining popularity because they can be used in 3 ways:

  1. As a nourishing Body Moisturiser, to soften and smooth the skin
  2. As an Aromatherapy Candle, providing a fresh and beautiful fragrance to your home
  3. As a luxurious quick absorbing Massage Oil to relax the body and ease the mind

Our 3 in 1 Massage Candles are handmade in our London Studio from 100% natural ingredients including a Cotton Wick, a blend of Essential Oils, Vegetable Wax and Oils.

This luxurious product not only imparts a beautiful aroma but it is also packed full of vitamins and minerals such as Coconut Oil and Grapeseed Oil that will keep your skin soft, smooth and supple.

It comes in 2 captivating fragrances:

Serenity: Chamomile & Lavender and Sensuality: Ylang Ylang & Vanilla

How to Use your Massage Candle:

After lighting the wick and waiting for the wax to melt to your desired amount, blow it out and wait for it to cool down before checking the temperature (making sure that the wax isn’t too hot) before pouring the warm wax directly onto your skin.

Our Massage Candle comes in a heavy glass container within a white milskin gift box and is available to buy online on our NOTHS page now:


New Product Photography

New Product Photography

A few weeks ago I had a photoshoot in Kilburn for my existing and up and coming products.

It was waaay overdue and I’m really glad that I done it though I had only booked a 2 hour slot and I didn’t realise until we were shooting how quickly that time goes!

I do think that it makes sense to do product photoshoots regularly (like every 6 months or so) and time it so that you’re able to incorporate any new products into your shoot also.

I will be releasing 3 new products just in time for Christmas! (Wood Wick Candles, Hair Perfume and Eau De Parfum)

Here are the fruits of my labour (or his, depending on which way you want to look at it!):

1.Reed Diffuser Transparent2.Lavender, With Love Candle

3.Body Scrub Souffle' Lemongrass & Mandarin4.First Love Perfume


  1. Anniversary Reed Diffuser
  2. Lavender, With Love Luxury Soy Candle
  3. Lemongrass & Mandarin Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub Souffle’
  4. First Love Eau De Parfum

Would love to know your thoughts on the new photography and products!

As always, The Secret Scent Societe’ Bath, Bodycare and Fragrant Homewares are available to buy on NOTHS:


Truly Caring for your Natural Hair: An evening with Adornment and Curl Clinic

Truly Caring for your Natural Hair: An evening with Adornment and Curl Clinic


Hi There Bloggee’s and Bloggette’s!

Today I’m feeling very inspired! And I’m more proud then ever to be a woman of colour.

Yesterday I went along to a wonderful pop up event hosted by Curl Clinic and the natural hair experts at Adornment365 salon in Brixton for an evening of expert talks about natural haircare and healthy living.

Aswell as having a healthy (and extremely tasty!), range of canapés, herbal tea’s and wine on tap they also had representatives from Joico, Curl Clinic and Adornment there to give talks on natural hair maintenance, styling, safe colouring and healthy eating.

A representative from the professional hair colourant brand Joico spoke in depth about the best ways to look after your hair pre and post colouring, and was refreshingly transparent about the ingredients used in there haircare products. Joico are a brand that not only provide colouring but aim to maintain the integrity, strength and quality of the hair during the dyeing process.

Sophia, the lead stylist at Adornment spoke about her commitment to sharing knowledge not just about the ongoing hair concerns of afro haired women, but also about healthy eating habits and spiritual and personal health too. She provided us with examples of superfoods, such as chia and linseeds which are both excellent for the digestion system and full of nutrients and antioxidants and some rare and expensive natural oils (black castor oil etc) used in there homemade haircare range that have fantastic benefits for both the skin and hair. Sophia was really down to earth and very knowledgeable about her subject so it was a highly informative and hands on discussion where we not only got to see the best products to use in our haircare regime but to understand their benefits in the short and longterm too.

Then we had the resident tricologist Stephanie talk about the myths and misconceptions about black hair, and the multitude of ways that it is unique from any other hair type on the planet. As they specialise in natural hair it was a positive affirmation to see so many women of colour in the same room wearing there natural hair in a variety of different ways naturally and with pride. It made me ask myself why I didn’t go natural earlier?! But of course maintaining natural hair isn’t without it’s difficulties, it still is one of the most challenging hair types to care for, and the texture and curl pattern of afro hair varies wildly that she advised us that it’s as much about knowing your own hair then it is about just doing what you read in some magazine or on some blog. But somewhat reassuringly (as alot of these so called ‘hair experts’ have an absolutely shocking head of hair!), she herself had a beautiful mane of natural hair – it was big, it was bouncy and visibly healthy.

She also was giving one on one consultancies with anyone who wanted it – I had one as did my sister and I was told that I should up my water intake (I know, easier said then done huh?), as that was the root cause of dry, brittle hair. Thankfully though she said that my scalp was in good condition and didn’t feel dry but I know that I definitely need to drink more water as if I don’t oil it regularly it starts to look and feel dry.

In addition they gave out goodies bags to everyone in attendance. I know, amazing right? 🙂

So the evening was a great success! It’s so nice to see a company taking the health of black hair (and the bodies to which they belong to!) so seriously. They are committed to promoting the strength and beauty and individuality of afro hair and I love there positive message and the sheer professionalism that they displayed. I myself am a client of Adornment and I can agree that without a shadow of a doubt they don’t just do your hair, indeed they don’t just know your hair, they also CARE about your hair. And that for me is the most important thing of all.

The pop up evenings with Adornment and Curl Clinic are going to be running throughout the year at the Adornment salon so do heck out there website for more info:

Curl Clinic:


Until next time!



Bronze Goddess Tinted Lip Balm Recipe

Bronze Goddess Tinted Lip Balm Recipe


Good Arvo Bloggee’s and Bloggette’s!  How the devil are ya?

Today I have a most wonderful lip balm recipe for you inspired by the coming of Spring (yay!). Its called Bronze Goddess Tinted Lip Balm and I think you’re going to love it! It is super moisturising and will leave a subtle bronze tint on your lips so pucker up and enjoy! 🙂

You will need:

A suitable lip balm tube or pot to put your lip balm in

2 tsp. beeswax
2 1/2 tsp. coconut oil
1/2 tsp. cocoa butter
1 tsp. mango butter
1/2 tsp. vitamin E oil
1/2 tsp. castor oil
1 tsp. sweet almond oil
1 tsp. kukui nut oil
1 tsp. aloe vera oil
1/4 tsp. amber mica powder

A few drops of an Essential Oil (try to stay away from using Citrus Oils though as most are photosensitive which means that they are sensitive to the exposure of sunlight)


Combine all butters and oils in a double boiler and melt them over gentle heat. Once all ingredients have melted remove pot from heat. Add essential oil if desired and then add the amber mica. Stir to blend well. Pour the mixture into pots or tubes. Let them cool and set.


Why you shouldn’t wear makeup whilst exercising

Why you shouldn’t wear makeup whilst exercising


To me, it seems quite ridiculous that we should even be discussing such a concept for I cannot see why anyone would wear makeup whilst they are exercising, alas apparently it is much more common then I thought! Ladies, please tell me that we are not so vain as to need the vanity of makeup whilst we are trying to improve our health and vitality? Help me out here.

As far as I can see, if you want to have a healthy lifestyle then just as it is pointless to smoke or to drink alcohol after you have done a good work out,  it is also pointless to wear makeup that clogs up your pores and causes it to have breakouts.

Skin Supremo Debbie Thomas explains what happens to our skin when we exercise: “When we get hot, several things happen to our skin. The first is sweating and the second is a slight relaxing and enlarging of the pores. Add a layer of even the best make-up on this and firstly you’ll end up with streaky make-up, but you’re also increasing the likelihood of a breakout,” she said. “Your skin needs to breathe – during a good workout even more so. Mix in sweat, heat and open pores and over time the skin will become blocked. Not everyone will get spots, but most will get blackheads coupled with dulling and possible uneven skin texture.”

Yuck, blackheads and spots – The very things that we are trying to avoid!

So what is the best way to keep our skin in peak condition post and pre work-out? Thomas suggests “Ideally cleanse the skin first, then I would probably just apply a light serum that is full of antioxidants which is suitable for your skin type and penetrates quickly. Because we create free radicals when we exercise, it is important to make sure there are enough antioxidants in the skin to counteract them. Then post-workout I would recommend a very light cleanse, so as not to strip the skin by over cleansing, then you can apply your normal creams depending on time of day. ”

So, (God forbid), if you absolutely must wear makeup on your workout then here’s the way to do it:

“If you must wear make-up during your work out try to use a light, oil-free, tinted moisturiser so that it’s not as heavy,” Thomas said. “Then cleanse your skin as soon as possible – preferably before your skin cools down and your pores tighten again, trapping the make-up and grime in the opening of the pore which can lead to breakouts.”

So, you’ve been told. Don’t wear makeup while you’re working out ladies. Leave the makeup wearing for the club! (where you’ll have even more radiant skin because you done so).

Educate me. Am I the only one who thinks makeup should be worn very occasionally and we should embrace our natural, clean skinned selves?

Answers below!

Newness Update

Newness Update

Pantone 691 U

Unfortunately it’s looking I’m not going to get my Pantone coloured kilner jars afterall. I contacted my supplier and they said that they are unable to match Pantone colours exactly and customers have been dissatisfied so they no longer offer this service. It’s a real bummer as I was hoping to utilise this service (which is slightly more expensive) to change my whole range but I’m just going to have to stick to there standard colours for now. I have gone for a fuschia pink instead for the body scrub souffle’ as it goes with the pink salts and fresh red rose that I include.

I did however get my Wood Wicks on Saturday and have already started experimenting with them. I’ve decided to use the fragrances that we have in our white scented candles for now so I can gage the popularity of this product before creating new scents for it. I am excited about it though, I think they are pretty amazing.

Wood Wick

I still haven’t heard back from Love Lula about the samples I sent them but I have heard that they have a pretty stringent testing procedure plus they are probably really busy testing all of the other natural  brands who want to sell on there website also.

The new candle colours haven’t arrived yet but I’m excited to try them out. I’m more convinced now that they will be appreciated more then the brighter coloured candles as they will go with more people’s home décor.