Why you shouldn’t wear makeup whilst exercising

Why you shouldn’t wear makeup whilst exercising


To me, it seems quite ridiculous that we should even be discussing such a concept for I cannot see why anyone would wear makeup whilst they are exercising, alas apparently it is much more common then I thought! Ladies, please tell me that we are not so vain as to need the vanity of makeup whilst we are trying to improve our health and vitality? Help me out here.

As far as I can see, if you want to have a healthy lifestyle then just as it is pointless to smoke or to drink alcohol after you have done a good work out,  it is also pointless to wear makeup that clogs up your pores and causes it to have breakouts.

Skin Supremo Debbie Thomas explains what happens to our skin when we exercise: “When we get hot, several things happen to our skin. The first is sweating and the second is a slight relaxing and enlarging of the pores. Add a layer of even the best make-up on this and firstly you’ll end up with streaky make-up, but you’re also increasing the likelihood of a breakout,” she said. “Your skin needs to breathe – during a good workout even more so. Mix in sweat, heat and open pores and over time the skin will become blocked. Not everyone will get spots, but most will get blackheads coupled with dulling and possible uneven skin texture.”

Yuck, blackheads and spots – The very things that we are trying to avoid!

So what is the best way to keep our skin in peak condition post and pre work-out? Thomas suggests “Ideally cleanse the skin first, then I would probably just apply a light serum that is full of antioxidants which is suitable for your skin type and penetrates quickly. Because we create free radicals when we exercise, it is important to make sure there are enough antioxidants in the skin to counteract them. Then post-workout I would recommend a very light cleanse, so as not to strip the skin by over cleansing, then you can apply your normal creams depending on time of day. ”

So, (God forbid), if you absolutely must wear makeup on your workout then here’s the way to do it:

“If you must wear make-up during your work out try to use a light, oil-free, tinted moisturiser so that it’s not as heavy,” Thomas said. “Then cleanse your skin as soon as possible – preferably before your skin cools down and your pores tighten again, trapping the make-up and grime in the opening of the pore which can lead to breakouts.”

So, you’ve been told. Don’t wear makeup while you’re working out ladies. Leave the makeup wearing for the club! (where you’ll have even more radiant skin because you done so).

Educate me. Am I the only one who thinks makeup should be worn very occasionally and we should embrace our natural, clean skinned selves?

Answers below!