Valentine’s Bespoke Perfume Workshop

Valentine’s Bespoke Perfume Workshop

Learn the ancient craft of Perfumery with The Secret Scent Société in our brand new Perfume Making Workshop in London’s glamorous jewellery quarter Hatton Garden.

Using a collection of pure essential oils with expert guidance and attention, you will get to create a unique and natural perfume that is beautiful and harmonious to take away with you on the day.

We will be serving refreshments including Champagne and Cake.

This unique experience is a great way to learn a little about the history of Perfumery, discover a new skill and connect with other Perfume lovers. It’s perfect for beginners and connoisseur alike and a perfect treat for your Valentine!

In this workshop we will be concentrating on the love theme, so think soft florals and decadent woods. All are welcome.

Limited tickets are available to buy online from Eventbrite:

See you there!

Tori x

A dissection of the ‘N’ word

A dissection of the ‘N’ word


As I’m sure you’re aware, this blog isn’t a political one.

Though I do have some political views I decided when I started this blog that this wasn’t the place to voice them, but a few days ago I came across a discussion on a blog that I follow: on race, and more specifically, about the use of the N word, which is something that I have a passionate vehemence to mostly (and quite rightly), because I myself am black and there is a turbulent and painful past associated with the use of this word.

Said I:

The N word isn’t like using a sexist word like “bitch” or “hoe” to describe women. It isn’t like using a homophobic word like “faggot” or “poof” to describe a homosexual. It is a word that goes beyond innapropriate teasing or bullying and is steeped in the historical oppression of black people. The N word is about generations of sustained abuse against a whole race of people. And it’s painful because it deny’s a person’s past, present and future. It deny’s his mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, maybe even his wife and children. It doesn’t just insult one person but the very fabric of who that person is and where he comes from.

To black people, the N word means “rape”, it means “murder”, it means “kidnap”, it means the denial of rights and of education, it means psychological abuse, it means “oppression”, it means “slavery”, it means “genocide”, the holocaust and more. It means so much more then you could ever possibly understand unless the word is meant to describe YOU. Unless your family went through the horror of some of the most despicable acts to have ever been committed by human beings and survived it.

The N word was not created by black people. It was created by white people to make them feel superior to black people who they wanted to feel inferior, and who they wanted to be subservient to them.

The “ignorance” (because that’s what it is), of black people (usually rappers it has to be said), who use this word to describe themselves and others cannot be compared to white people, who historically used it to inflict pain and suffering on a people for hundreds of years. It does not compare. It cannot compare. And anyone who continues to use this reasoning as an excuse to use this deeply offensive and painful word needs to ask themselves why they are using it in the firstplace??

If you are not black, then you may never be able to understand. I can accept that. But I would expect that if you are a human being who has love and respect for all human beings as your equal, to accept and respect that black people never want to be described in this way.

In this day and age, I would only expect racists, who know full well what it means, to use this word, and they don’t want to know better so I expect no better.

I also don’t expect better from ignorant rappers, and neither should you, however I think you know how ridiculous it sounds to compare the two.

And just to introduce myself quickly: I am a black woman from the UK. I have always felt proud to be black, and I wouldn’t change it for the world, BUT to be black anywhere in this world is bloody hard. If you have never been oppressed or discriminated against, then I’m sure things appear pretty rosy to you, and of course they have improved somewhat, but I can tell you now: it ain’t easy, and it ain’t all rosy – as a black person you have to rise above it almost everyday, you get hurt almost everyday, insulted almost everyday, and it’s tiresome. It becomes tiresome.

As for me, I just want everyone to live in peace and harmony. I think racism, homophobia, sexism, the lot, is completely pathetic and they ALL need to be left in the dark ages.


I can assure you, most black people have a deep compassion for all groups of oppressed people because we have been, and still are in many cases discriminated against or oppressed. And black people have been discriminated against by almost all groups of people throughout history, not just by whites.

I have a very acute understanding of what it means to be excluded or made to feel inferior, but I personally choose to live my life with love and compassion. I do not choose to live with hate or fear because I love all human beings and I know the only way to peace is freedom for all. What hurts me though is when I see that the same equality is not necessarily afforded to us all.

No matter how some people may choose to use the N word, it is steeped in the blood and pain of millions of people and it always will be. It was a derogatory label used by and created by racists. Why would anyone wish to be associated with such an atrocity?

I have never and would never use any derogatory words to describe any group of people and it makes my blood boil when I hear others doing so.

When you have such a traumatic history, this pain and sense of displacement is passed down through the generations and it takes an immensely strong person to not feel deeply offended by the use of such a word. It doesn’t matter what some “rappers” may attribute the use of it to. This is real life.

Sometimes, one has to accept that you may never truly understand the way another person feels, but it doesn’t stop you from respecting or accepting it.

I personally may never know the struggles of homosexuals, disabled people or specific religious groups, but I do know the struggle of being a woman and I can assure you it is nowhere close to the struggle of being black in this world.

Nontheless, I like being me 🙂

Silk La Fox


Mummy Spoiling Ahoy!

Mummy Spoiling Ahoy!

Happy Friday Bloggee’s and Bloggette’s!

I hope that you’re all gearing up for some serious Mummy spoiling this Sunday?!

I’m planning on taking my Mum to a cultural exhibition on at the Oxo Tower in Southbank about Jamaican History (which sounds like it’s going to be great!), then we’re going onto Westfield for a look around the shops as my Mum wants to buy some clothes for our family cruise holiday in May. It’s so close now that I can almost touch it. So exciting! 🙂

Then we’re having dinner and finally, I’m taking her to a comedy and entertainment show in the evening. Phew! It’s going to be a very funpacked day.

My brothers and sister are coming too so it’s going to be a real family affair this Mothers Day. I always love spending time with my family and there’s nothing quite like (or more rewarding), then spoiling your Mum.

On another note, could there be a better looking Mother?! (see below)

This is an effortless, natural, superior beauty that is impossible to buy. Salute!

Jada and Mum (below)

Jada and Mum


So what have you got planned for Mothering Sunday? Dinner? A bit of Pampering? A Show?

Let me know!

Until we meet again,



Our Mission Statement.

Our Mission Statement.

Trying to come up with a statement that describes who you are, what makes your business unique, it’s ethics, beliefs and values isn’t easy. I know the things that are important to me and why I feel that my brand is unique but conveying that into a brief statement, one that not only reads clearly but captivates and inspires the imagination too is quite a challenge.

I’m still working on it, but here’s what I have so far:

Luxury. Scents. Nature

The Secret Scent Societe’ is a luxury beauty brand that fuses a love of nature with a passion for fragrance. We believe strongly in the purity and simplicity of natural ingredients which we use exclusively in our natural skincare products, and we believe in the power and mystery of scent. We celebrate this in our line of luxury handmade fragrance and natural skincare products. Love you completely.

I’ve re-written it a couple of times but for some reason I just keep coming back to this sentence so I’m going to leave it for now. I’ve seen some really excellent mission statements from my competitors so I’m keen to improve mine gradually so that it’s the best that it can be and represents my brand philosophy completely but for now I’m going to stick to this one and then maybe I can come back to it in a few weeks and review it again.

What are your thoughts on it? – Is there anything you’d change or add to it? Do you think I’ve covered everything here? Does it read and convey well?

Pomp & Circumstance the show stealer!

Pomp & Circumstance the show stealer!


I hope you had a great Bank Holiday weekend. The weather certainly could have been better!
I’m desperate for some sun and am counting down the days until I go to Las Vegas. Just under a week to go now!

Last week I had my showcase at Publicis in Central London. They invited me down to use there space to sell and promote my products to there staff. I was only there over the lunchtime period so considering I was only there for a mere 2 hours it went very well! I had alot of very good feedback, the men in particular seemed impressed with my products – it’s usually very hard to impress men with fragrant products but they asked alot of questions and complimented my packaging so I was quite flattered. Pomp & Circumstance, my Limited Edition Bulgarian Rose & Jasmine Soy Candle stole the show. It has such a depth and character to it, and it is almost impossible to pick out the individual notes as it has such complexity. Pomp & Circumstance is a very luxurious fragrance. It’s a shame I can’t upgrade this candle to part of my standard range, but my supplier of Bulgarian Rose doesn’t always have it so it has to remain Limited Edition for now. Nonetheless, Cloud Nine remained a firm favourite, I love playing the game with my clients of “guess the fragrance”, and there was one guy in particular who was brilliant at it! He could recognise some of the components, which is quite hard to do as I usually have quite a few notes and accords in my fragrances. Creme’ De La Creme’, Ambrosial Peach and Indian Mistress of the Night still seem to be a winner with both sexes. I was told that The Caspian Sea was very true to the brief: A subtle, fresh, light, aquatic scent. Lavender, With Love, I knew would be a favourite as it’s a white candle and women love Lavender!
Anniversary, the candle and the reed diffuser was hands down the most sought after fragrance of all. I anticipated that it might be so that was handy.

Publicis do regular marketing events like this at there offices for small creative businesses like mine, so hopefully I’ll get invited back in the future. I am planning to introduce a few new products to my range like body cream’s and souffle’s, salt and sugar scrubs, perfumes, bath oils and I may have an attempt at making Cold Process Soap. It’s a little more technical then M&P soap which I already make, and it takes longer to cure. I’m not so certain I have the patience to wait but we’ll see! 🙂

Pictures from the event:

Publicis Showcase 2

Publicis Showcase 3

Be My Valentine!

Be My Valentine!


Happy Valentines Day!

To celebrate this day of LURVE I’m offering a 5% discount on any container candle on my Etsy page!
Just add: BEMYVALENTINE at checkout:

Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs. ~William Shakespeare.