Lightening your natural hair the natural way

Lightening your natural hair the natural way


Now that the summer months are here and my hair is well on it’s way to afro glory I have been toying with the idea of lightening it. I’ve seen lots of amazing photo’s on Pinterest of natural hedded girls who have experimented with colour and they look amazing! Very inspirational. Having the French braids in did make my hair grow but I found them to be a little restrictive and uncomfortable to sleep with so I’ve decided to give them a miss for the foreseeable future and just let my hair do what nature intended. So far so good!

I went to my hair dressers Adornment last week to discuss possible hair colours and they understood exactly what I was referring to when I said that I wanted a very subtle lightening with highlights that are only really visible in the sunlight. They suggested that I get lowlights instead of highlights and we choose some shades for that purpose. Unfortunately for me though, the salon does get booked up very quickly and they didn’t have any available appointments so I’m on the reserve list, but in the meantime I done some research on natural hair lightening methods and I found this:

10 Ways to Lighten your Hair Naturally {Homemade Recipes}

So I think I may just give one of these a try as I have pretty much all of these ingredients at home already in my cupboards and perhaps I will prefer this method to putting harsh chemicals on my hair and possibly not liking the results!

Has anyone tried any of these methods before? If so, did it work? Was it easy to do? Or too messy??

Let me know!

Sexy! Zesty!

Sexy! Zesty!


Now that Spring is finally upon us (I hope!), and since creating the new gorgeous fragrance for my new Body Souffle’s that include both Lemongrass and Mandarin Essential Oils, I have been dreaming up new fragrances with a strong emphasis on bright, warming, uplifting citrus notes.

Mandarin Profile

Of all of the citrus notes I like Mandarin the most, because to me it’s like an exotic and sophisticated relation of the Orange Family. It’s less piquant, and more mellow. It’s feminine and interesting, and though it doesn’t necessarily blend aswell with other florals as the Bergamot’s and Oranges of this world, it is in it’s own right very beautiful. I have used Organic Essential Oils in my Souffle’s and you really can smell the difference.

What are the Aromatherapy benefits of Mandarin EO?

Mandarin EO is a gentle oil and can be used, in the correct dilution to treat minor ills in children and the elderly. It is an antiseptic, digestive and anti-depressant and creates a feeling of calm and balance.