Newness Update

Newness Update

Pantone 691 U

Unfortunately it’s looking I’m not going to get my Pantone coloured kilner jars afterall. I contacted my supplier and they said that they are unable to match Pantone colours exactly and customers have been dissatisfied so they no longer offer this service. It’s a real bummer as I was hoping to utilise this service (which is slightly more expensive) to change my whole range but I’m just going to have to stick to there standard colours for now. I have gone for a fuschia pink instead for the body scrub souffle’ as it goes with the pink salts and fresh red rose that I include.

I did however get my Wood Wicks on Saturday and have already started experimenting with them. I’ve decided to use the fragrances that we have in our white scented candles for now so I can gage the popularity of this product before creating new scents for it. I am excited about it though, I think they are pretty amazing.

Wood Wick

I still haven’t heard back from Love Lula about the samples I sent them but I have heard that they have a pretty stringent testing procedure plus they are probably really busy testing all of the other natural  brands who want to sell on there website also.

The new candle colours haven’t arrived yet but I’m excited to try them out. I’m more convinced now that they will be appreciated more then the brighter coloured candles as they will go with more people’s home décor.