Girl, you Nasty!

Girl, you Nasty!

So a few weeks ago I was browsing the net (as you do), and I came across a blog of a stylist who was wearing some really interesting clothes. They were really quirky and elegant at the same time, just the kind of style that I like. One of the outfits had been accessorised with a gold body chain which looked really effective paired with the jeans and T-shirt she was wearing it with so out of curiosity I clicked on the link to see where I could buy it from and it took me to this site called Nasty Gal.

When I browsed the site I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing – it was as if finally I had found one place, one destination that had my style. I mean I am eternally faithful to Asos, I think it’s an amazing website and I’ve shopped there for many years and will continue to do so, but because it has such a vast array of clothes and styles I sometimes find it’s near impossible to find what your looking for on there. I love there free (well as close to free as you can get), next day delivery option too.

But Nasty Gal had something to offer that made them irresistible to me: AMAZING CLOTHES. And not only were there clothes amazing, and just the kind of clothes that I like but they were exclusive to them. They were designed by Nasty Gal, who are based in LA and you couldn’t buy them anywhere else. There clothes had a distinctive style: Sexy, Daring, Casual, Boho, Beachy. I have been finding of late that most of the time when I find clothes that I really like, they are an Australian brand. I don’t know why that is, and I don’t know what that means but it is scarily consistent. It was the same with the clothes on Nasty Gal, as they along with there own branded clothes also sell clothes from a few select brands whose style is similar. I am a HUGE fan of dresses so it was there I looked first and they had everything from casual daytime dresses, to dresses perfect for holidays and elegant evening dresses.

But I was pleased to see that it wasn’t just dresses they had that I liked – it was everything! – there shoes, mostly Jeffrey Campbell and there own brand Shoe Cult were amazing too. Original, quirky and very sexy! The swimsuits blew me away, I have NEVER been on a website that had so many swimsuits that I loved. And yes, the swimsuit brands I liked the most were again Australian!
The t-shirts, and the jewellery too I really liked. I was quite overwhelmed. The only problem about ordering from this website is the surprising (and quite extortionate) duty and tax you have to pay upon delivery and the fact that as they are based in LA you cannot get next day delivery. Also there stuff sells out very quick. I mean like lightning quick. I’m having to check the site daily to see when/if things come back in stock and there are no guarantees that they will come back in stock which is very upsetting if you’ve had your eye on something, like I have.

I REALLY REALLY want this swimsuit for my holiday to Croatia in a few weeks but it’s been out of stock for the past couple of weeks, well out of stock in my size anyway. I contacted there customer service department to see if they would be getting anymore but they cannot give me a definitive answer so I just have to keep looking (and hoping). What makes it more difficult is the delivery time which is something like 7 working days to UK addresses (not including packaging time), so I need to make sure I order it in advance so that I get it in time, alas it’s still saying that it’s out of stock! hmpf

Look see for yourself!

lace up swimsuit
lace up swimsuit back
freebird swimsuit

antigua dress
crochet dress
urban outlander dress
fall down headpiece
drop it low body chain

barbados dress

captive heel