Treasury Feature 14/07/14

Treasury Feature 14/07/14

Good Morning Blogee’s and Bloggettes,

I hope your enjoying the undeniable start of summer, and long may it last!

These past couple of weeks The Secret Scent Societe’ has been featured in lots of Etsy treasurys and I thought I’d shared them all with you!

The treasury is entitled “July 101” and is a gorgeous combination of neutral and pastel coloured gifts, which includes my peach scented candle Ambrosial Peach. It’s a gorgeous collection.




Peach scented candle “Ambrosial Peach”

Ambrosial Peach 16

This treasury is entitled “Yellow Sunni” and features my candle Frankincense & Myrrh F&M





Frankincense & Myrrh scented candle “F&M”

F&M 4 notonthe

This treasury is entitled “Dream Décor” and featured my black Tuberose & Ginger candle “Indian Mistress of the Night”





Indian Mistress of the Night

Indian Mistress 3 notonthe

To see the full Etsy treasury for “July 101”

To see the full Etsy treasury for “Yellow Sunni”

To see the full Etsy treasury for “Dream Décor”

Get ready for Crimbo!

Get ready for Crimbo!


The Sunday Markets in Brick Lane Market have a wonderful collection of original, antique, handmade, vintage, wonderfully creative finds, a lot of which you won’t find anywhere else in London. Or why not commission a bespoke creation from a local independent artist/designer-maker? – Take a stroll down to the infamous Columbia Road flower market to pick up some beautiful, fragrant flowers? Or to the food market to taste some tasty food from faraway exotic climes?

I love Brick Lane Market for it’s ability to infuse the uber-cool, with originality and sophistication so effortlessly. The Secret Societe’ fuses art and science to create handmade fragrance, beauty and skincare products and we think that the Homegrown Market in particular, which showcases a collection from independent designer-makers in the UK, is the perfect place for us to begin our journey!

So, if your struggling to decide what to buy for your best friend, your Mum, your sister, your brother, your Dad, your husband (phew!), then come and see us at the HomeGrown Market this Sunday 20th October – we just might have the perfect gift!

The HomeGrown Market is situated in Elys Yard, which is on the corner of Hanbury Street and Brick Lane. Walk through UpMarket – another interesting market with a huge variety of food, lifestyle, accessories and fashion – and you will see the HomeGrown Market just up the small ramp. There is also a sitting down area if you need to rest your feet after a hard days shop!

We’ll be there from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Photography Pt III

Photography Pt III


I hope you had a wonderful bank holiday weekend!

The weather was MUCH improved this weekend so I was able to take some more product photographs. I used my iPad to take the majority of them and then switched to my boyfriends camera to take the close up shots. I have a really good app on my iPad called BeFunky which allows me to do a variety of different effects to my photo’s but I had recently heard about a free photo editing tool called Picasa that a lot of people are using at the moment so I downloaded it and used it to edit some of my photo’s. I think they all came out pretty good overall.

I created some beautiful Wedding Swarovski pillar candles last week and they are available to buy on Etsy now:

I’m keen on expanding my skincare range to include body creams and face creams aswell as other bath and body products and I will begin working on introducing some new and exciting products when I return from my holidays in June (I’m off to Mexico on Saturday 1st June and returning on Tuesday 11th).

peach swarovski candle 5

3 am 5

new creme' 13

Indian Mistress 13

Indie Craft Blog Feature 8th May

Indie Craft Blog Feature 8th May

Logo_Light Grey

My feature on Indie Craft Corner just went live!

I love this blog and think it’s a constructive and positive promoter of other small craft businesses, particularly those who have an eco-friendly outlook, and I particularly like the layout.

See my feature here:

The blog is written by a Canadian designer/maker who specialises in vintage clothes and knitwear. You can check her out on Etsy:

Indie Craft Corner Feature!

Indie Craft Corner Feature!


Well Hello There Bloggers and Bloggettes!

I hope you enjoyed looking at the lovely treasuries I posted up earlier, and if you haven’t yet seen them then do check them out in the article below.

Support. Creative. Businesses!

And on the topic of Creative Businesses I am to be featured again! (I know, lucky me!) on a lovely blog called Indie Craft Corner that is run by 2 creative business owners (a jeweller and a knitter). They feature articles by creative businesses, write articles on arts and crafts, and more!

You can see my article, which will be up on the blog on Tuesday 7th May here:

Have a lovely long weekend! Hopefully the weather will continue to be as blissful as it is today! 🙂

“Oh what a beautiful moooorning!, Oh what a beautiful daaay!” :)

“Oh what a beautiful moooorning!, Oh what a beautiful daaay!” :)

Bois 2

Good Morning!

According to the weather forecast we have some pretty amazing weather to look forward to today! I know it’s not QUITE Las Vegas climes but it’ll do just nicely thank you very much 🙂

I have some good news, and some even better news to report but I’ll leave the even better news to a bit later.

As you know I was selected to do a feature about my fragrance business on Joelle Chan’s blog recently and it went live today so please take a moment to check it out and if you haven’t already subscribed to my blog, then it’s only one click away!

Have an amazing day 🙂

May Feature

May Feature

Anniversary 4

I’m always on the lookout for exposure for The Secret Scent Societe’ so I was very flattered and excited when LA based crafter Joelle Chan told me that she plans to feature me on her fantastic blog in May.

So, come back and check out the article on her blog then!

Also, don’t forget I’m still running a 10% off promotion on any container candles on my Etsy page with the online code: SecretScents10. Just quote at the checkout.