To heaven and back

To heaven and back

equinox at night

Before my recent holiday aboard the luxurious Celebrity Equinox, I never realised that there could be so much to do and experience, and I didn’t realise that you could have such a varied holiday onboard a ship! Cruising is traditionally something that the elderly do, and I won’t pretend that they weren’t there in there droves, but really, cruising is for everyone, because it offers a little bit of everything. Celebrity Equinox was impressive, not only in it’s design and stunning features but in the high level of service in all of the onboard facilities including Theatres, A Casino, A Shopping Centre selling everything from expensive jewellery to clothes and accessories, A Spa, A Gym, 10 Restaurants, A Library, A Basketball Court and even a Nightclub! Cruising is definitely becoming more popular, and appealing to younger people which is great.

The pool area on board the Celebrity Equinox:

swimming pool


ship library

French Fine Dining Restaurant Murano:

Murano Restaurant

The Lawn Club:

lawn club

I visited the Caribbean islands of: St Thomas, St Kitts, Barbados, Dominica, and St Maarten. Upon first glance perhaps these islands seemed quite similar in that they had white sands, a crystal clear blue sea and luscious foliage but infact character-wise they were very different. The island of St Thomas had the most beautiful beach I’d ever seen (Magan’s Bay), St Kitts wasn’t as beautiful as St Thomas but had something very special: These absolutely adorable monkeys called Green Vervet Monkeys and I was lucky enough to hold one. He was the cutest thing I’d ever seen!

vervet monkey

Barbados was a beautiful, colourful, well developed island with lots of fancy restaurants, hotels and private yachts everywhere. Obviously a very popular destination!

St Maarten was gorgeous, and very interesting, with a Dutch and French Side to the island. There were a lot of stunning properties on the island. A classy place!

Aside from holding the baby vervey monkey, I also held a baby alligator, which felt like holding a handbag actually! and I went zip lining in the jungle in St Kitts, River Tubing in the rainforest in Dominica and for an Airboat ride in the Florida Everglades. So much fun!

Me in the stunning library

tori cruise 40

I hope that you will consider going on a cruise, as there are lots of great cruise lines, offering different facilities and itinerary’s, going to destinations all over the world. You can go for an adventurous holiday to the Galapagas Islands, a sightseeing holiday to Alaska or a sun loving holiday to the Bahamas. It’s so varied you can’t fail to find a little of everything you love. My boyfriend and I were extremely impressed with Celebrity cruises and we hope to cruise with them again (perhaps to the Mediterraenean this time).