Yes Please!

Yes Please!

The internet is a dangerous thing. Aside from the obvious “dangerous things” there are to be had on t’internet, shopping for me, is one of them. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a shopaholic nor a hoarder (in a lot of cases those can be one and the same!), but I DO like a frock. Evening dresses, Party Dresses, Casual Dresses, Summer Dresses, Beach Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Sexy Dresses, I love em all! I won’t bother trying to pretend that my addiction to clothing only extends to dresses as that would be telling porkies (I also favour bags, jewellery, lingerie, shoes, jackets, jumpsuits, tops etc), but I can honestly say that almost no other piece of attire excites me in quite the same way as when I clap my eyes on a beautiful dress. When I look at the design of a dress, it’s detailing, the material, the movement, the embellishments I get very excited indeed.
Since I’m STILL trying to justify the extortionate prices of the dresses on Nasty Gal and Revolve I am happy to continue doing research into locating a website offering similar clothing at a much cheaper rate (indeed a MUCH cheaper rate considering the last time I ordered from Nasty Gal I had to pay a hefty £65 just in duties and tax alone). As much as I really adore there clothing this is just not sustainable. Right now though, I am eyeballing this hot Nasty Gal dress. I LOVE the front slits, the length of the dress and the white rib detailing. It’s simple but effective Phwooar! It’s out of stock in my size at the moment (surprise surprise), but sooner or later it WILL be mine! moo ha ha ha moo ha ha ha!

game face dressgame face

I’ve also got my eyes on these earrings (gorgeous aren’t they?!)

in her nature

And these sunnies (though I might be able to get some similar on Asos. I will check!

A lovely summer dress (PERFECT for Greece methinks!)

under wraps dress

Elegant Simplicity..(by the way I must confess this model they have chosen to model a lot of there wares is very beautiful – Nasty Gal also do well in this regard)

curl up necklace

Look see, even there bra’s are on point!

skivvies blooming bra

Do you Dare Footwear!

sheer madness boots

Need I say more…

seine dress

I’m willing myself to be selective about what I purchase despite my intense desire to own most of what I see on there as my funds will only stretch so far. I think I will definitely go for the black dress with the slits (when it is back in stock), and the earrings and the necklace and see how I go!

You must admit though guys, these are pretty nice threads! 😉