Mummy Spoiling Ahoy!

Mummy Spoiling Ahoy!

Happy Friday Bloggee’s and Bloggette’s!

I hope that you’re all gearing up for some serious Mummy spoiling this Sunday?!

I’m planning on taking my Mum to a cultural exhibition on at the Oxo Tower in Southbank about Jamaican History (which sounds like it’s going to be great!), then we’re going onto Westfield for a look around the shops as my Mum wants to buy some clothes for our family cruise holiday in May. It’s so close now that I can almost touch it. So exciting! 🙂

Then we’re having dinner and finally, I’m taking her to a comedy and entertainment show in the evening. Phew! It’s going to be a very funpacked day.

My brothers and sister are coming too so it’s going to be a real family affair this Mothers Day. I always love spending time with my family and there’s nothing quite like (or more rewarding), then spoiling your Mum.

On another note, could there be a better looking Mother?! (see below)

This is an effortless, natural, superior beauty that is impossible to buy. Salute!

Jada and Mum (below)

Jada and Mum


So what have you got planned for Mothering Sunday? Dinner? A bit of Pampering? A Show?

Let me know!

Until we meet again,



Holiday! Celebrate!

Holiday! Celebrate!

It’s absolutely freezing at the moment, and my body just cannot acclimatize to this horror. How the devil are you faring?!

They’ve been saying that it’s going to snow for the past week already but as yet nothing but frost and an intensely bitter cold has come fourth. Alas, I am going on holiday! Well, 3 holidays infact. YAAY!!

First, I’m off to Miami in March for a couple of days. I figured that I certainly could not be expected to wait all the way until the end of May to see the Sun so Ian and I are going to Miami for a few days to top up our tans pre family holiday in May.

Then we’re doing a family cruise which I’m particularly looking forward to. I haven’t gone away with my family for a couple of years so this is way overdue and I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the places that I’ve never visited before and enjoying all of the onboard entertainment and restaurants on our ship The NLC’s Epic! We’re also going to spend 3 days in Rome before we board the ship so we’ll get a chance to do the touristy thing to full effect and eat lots of Gelato. Oh yes.

Then in July I’m going back to the house festival in Croatia – Suncebeat! And the best thing of all is that they’ve recently released not just the names of the DJ’s who will be djing but Roy Ayers and The Brand New Heavies will be performing there live too. I cannot wait I tell ya!

So, bring on the celebrations! Whoop Whoop!

Miami Beach

SLS Miami

NCL Epic

Suncebeat, Croatia



RELUCTANTLY I have returned

RELUCTANTLY I have returned

I will not pretend to be particularly happy about the fact that I am no longer being pampered on board a beautiful, elegant cruise ship that catered to all of my wants and needs, and I won’t attempt to insult your intelligence by lying to you either:
I have just returned from a memorable, beautiful, wonderful holiday as adventurous as it was relaxing and I absolutely loved every moment of it!
My boyfriend and I, after our disastrous journey to Mexico last year was given complimentary return tickets to any Virgin Atlantic destination and after at first trying to book to go to South Africa (but couldn’t match the flights), we decided to do something else that we’d never done before: Go on a cruise. And not just any old cruise to the med, but a Caribbean cruise. Caribbean holidays are my favourite kind, and my boyfriends too as there’s just nothing quite like swimming in the warm and crystal clear blue Caribbean sea with the sun kissing you all over. Nothing quite like it at all. I’d so far been to 4 Caribbean islands, including Mexico, Trinidad, Tobago and Jamaica. My boyfriend has been to a few more then me including Antigua and Barbados but neither of us had been to St Kitts, Dominica, St Thomas or St Maarten, and I had never been to Barbados! so when we saw a cruise going to those destinations from Fort Lauderdale, Florida we naturally jumped at the chance!
We didn’t really know what to expect of the whole cruise thing but I tried to go for the best cruise line for the kind of experience we wanted to have which was basically “modern luxury minus any children or drunken louts” so when I came across a cruise line called Celebrity I was pretty much decided that we would sail with them. They had a fleet of beautifully designed and almost completely brand spanking new ships but the ship that fit our itinerary was called the Equinox. Ironically enough Celebrity’s motto was indeed “Modern Luxury” and though they weren’t technically an “Adults only” ship they didn’t have any discernible facilities for children so we knew that we were onto a winner.

When we boarded the ship we were indeed extremely impressed with the look of it, the sheer SIZE of it – for it was truly gigantic, and we were impressed with all of the available facilities on board. Unfortunately, as we had chosen “grown up” facilities however, it had attracted very grown up passengers, i.e GRANNY’s. At first it bothered us a little as being only 31, and my boyfriend 40, we weren’t particularly overwhelmed with the prospect of spending 10 days on the high sea’s with thousands of old age pensioners but as the cruise progressed I found I didn’t really mind it much at all. At least they were polite, friendly and mostly sober – not yelling and falling over like drunken louts. The ship itself had a lot to offer, providing a variety of facilities and activities including a basketball court, ping pong table, a night club, spa, gym, 2 theatres and various swimming pools and even a glass blowing show, all aboard this magnificent floating vessel. Just sitting outside on our balcony watching the ocean was a joy, and of course dining at all of the amazing restaurants on the ship but really nothing compared to the experience of going to all of the different islands, sightseeing, going on excursions and visiting the beautiful beaches. So, if you haven’t done a cruise before, I highly recommend it. There are different types of ships, going to different destinations all over the world and offering different experiences and facilities, and I can honestly say that holidaying in this way is the most enjoyable and varied way of holidaying. You get to see and experience so much more. I had an amazing time and I was truly sad to leave and to have to return to this cold and grey country (sorry England, London in particular), but it’s true!


And a Happy New Year!

And a Happy New Year!

2014! – A whole new year! – have you made any resolutions yet?..

Resolutions for me are to cook more (I made a beautiful French onion soup last night!), keep up with my exercise regime, see my friends more and business wise I’d like to have my products stocked in at least 1 or 2 retail stores by the end of the year.

My Christmas was fabulous – my boyfriend and I spent it with his parents and brother and I was spoilt to within an inch of my life! check out all of my goodies! 🙂

Xmas Goodies

My boyfriend got the award for getting me the best combination of gifts ever with a dazzling array of jewellery, a gorgeous scarf, lingerie, a sexy photoshoot, front row tickets to the cirque de soleil show, perfume, a dress and a beautiful grey fox fur coat that I’ve had my eyes on (but couldn’t afford!). I even got a beautiful velvet riding hat from his parents as I’m taking up horseriding lessons this year.

After Christmas we went to my Mums for dinner with my family which was lovely. I bought my Mum a bracelet that I had engraved with words which made her cry. I was happy to have touched her with my words though my intention obviously wasn’t exactly to make her a shed tear! 🙂
We played my favourite board game Balderdash, which I lost – to my boyfriend naturally as he’s always winning these kinds of games. Hmpf!

I’m off on my holidays on Thursday, we’re going on a Caribbean cruise. It’ll be our first ever cruise and our first ever visit to most of the cruise destinations. We’ll be going to Dominica, St Maarten, St Thomas, St Kitts, Barbados and Florida. We are cruising with Celebrity Cruises and the ship looks amaaaazing and has everything and anything you could possibly wish for including a lawn club, spa, gym and swimming pools, a theatre, a glass blowing show, arts and crafts workshops, nightclubs, restaurants, a shopping centre and much much more!

I can’t wait to experience a little cruise style luxury and visit all of the beautiful west indian islands on my travels and I will surely update you on my findings upon my return!

Have you got any holidays planned this year? If so, where to? 🙂