Fragrance Profile: Rose

Fragrance Profile: Rose


Rose is undoubtedly the most well known, and some would say most loved of all of the florals, and it is widely used in women’s fragrances aswell as other feminine beauty products. Rose has a feminine and romantic fragrance, that uplifts and encourages feelings of love, beauty and femininity and it is particularly good for use on ageing or dry skin due to it’s wonderful moisturising properties.

There are literally thousands of varieties of Rose in the world so unsurprisingly, it has the most complex family tree of any floral species. Bulgaria produces about 70% of all the Roses in the world.

In natural perfumery Rose oil differs depending on where in the world it comes from, some have very subtle differences, and some smell completely different from one another. These rose absolutes include:
Rose Musk Otto, Bulgarian Rose, Moroccan Rose Absolute and Turkish Rose Absolute. Some roses have a greener fragrance, some are more musky, some more floral, and some are very sweet but typically the characteristic of Rose oil is it’s rich, sweet honey nectar like aroma. It has a depth, character and intensity that is unmistakable and woman particularly, but men also really enjoy looking at and smelling Rose.

Rose is typically either steam (or solvent) extracted and has a great many uses including for:
Rose Water – which is used in cooking and in skincare, Rose Hips – which are used to make syrups, vinegar, wine and jam. Rose has some amazing aromatherapy benefits too: It is uplifting, soothing and harmonising and a known aphrodisiac. It also embodies elegance, love, luxury and passion.

Rose is very expensive to buy due to the nature of it’s extraction: It takes about 60,000 roses to produce just 1 ounce of rose oil.

Some well known perfumes with Rose in them are: Dolce and Gabbana Rose The One, Bvlgari Rose Essentielle and Valentino Rose n Rose.

I think Rose is a feminine and distinctly floral oil. I like some Rose Oils better then others (Bulgarian Rose being my personal favourite), but I do think that overall it is immensely beautiful and really comes into it’s own when partnered with citrus oils to some of the most delightful and enjoyable fragrances around.

Some of the products we have made using Rose are our Solid Lotion bar and our stunning layered soy candle Creme’ De La Creme’ with Rose, Vanilla and Orange:

Solid Lotion Bar 5

Creme' De La Creme' 10

Treasury Feature 24/07/13

Treasury Feature 24/07/13

We have been blessed to have been featured in not 1, but 2 Etsy treasuries today! The first one 1 is a Black and White inspired Treasury entitled “North Star” and it features my black Tuberose & Ginger soy candle Indian Mistress of the Night. Not to mention all of the lovely handmade products in it, the photography is pretty impressive. Here are a few items featured in it:

bow tie

book broach

vintage sign

And my candle Indian Mistress of the Night:

Indian Mistress 4 notonthe

You can see the full Treasury here:

The next Treasury is a colourful, calming, home comforts inspired Treasury entitled “A Succession of Peace and Quiet” and features my Bespoke Candles. Here are a few items featured in it:

vintage books

colourful pillows

And my Bespoke Soy Candles:

Bespoke Candles

To see the full Treasury for North Star:

To see the full Treasury for A Sucession of Peace and Quiet:

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Have a grrrreat day šŸ™‚

Publicis Easter Extravaganza!

Publicis Easter Extravaganza!

Next Wednesday is my Easter showcase @ Publicis’ offices (thanks for the recommendation Stace!). I’ve been invited to showcase and sell my handmade creations to them as gifts for the Easter holidays.
I’ll be presenting my range of Scented Container Candles:

Black Frost 3

Scented Pillar Candles:
Ambrosial Pillar

Reed Diffusers:
RoseGold Reed Diffuser 5

Solid Lotion Bars:
Solid Lotion Bar 6

Ambrosial Peach Soap 1

Incense Sticks:
In Bloom Incense Sticks 2

And I’ll also be bringing a few limited edition perfumes and 3 wick candles.

I’m really excited about this opportunity to get my brand out there, gain some feedback on my products and services, make some sales, and potential new clients!

“What is a mum but the sunshine of our days and the north star of our nights” ~ Robert Brault

“What is a mum but the sunshine of our days and the north star of our nights” ~ Robert Brault

Mothers and Daughters

To celebrate Mothering Sunday, I’m offering a 10% discount on all container candles, including Bespoke orders on my Etsy page before Monday 11th March, just quote: SOMETHINGSPECIAL at the checkout to redeem!

Show & Smell!

Show & Smell!


This weekend I was busy making swarovski encrusted scented wedding pillar candles so that I can take some pictures to put up on Etsy. Those swarovski crystals suuure are fiddly!!

Ā I wanted to share some exciting news with you and that is that today Monday 25th February, The Secret Scent Societe’ has been handpicked to appear on an online showcase for ukĀ creative businesses called ukhandmade. I don’t know which of my products they have chosen to promote but I feel very flattered and can’t wait to see it! The listing will go live today and you can see it here:

“Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs” ~William Shakespeare

“Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs” ~William Shakespeare

Happy Valentines Day! (almost!)

I hope you’ve got your romance plans in order, and if you haven’t and you’ve got a special love in your life then shame on you (wagging finger) šŸ™‚

Sometimes I do find this Valentines day lark a wee bit contrived BUT I do think it a necessary evil, as some people’s relationships would be devoid of romance altogether if they didn’t have to pull their fingers out once in awhile. Which brings me onto my question:

What are YOUR romance plans this Valentines Day?..

I am not too keen on the cobweb infested Valentines menu’s they bring out of storage each year in restaurants so I won’t be going out on Valentines Day myself but my Beloved has promised to spoil me rotten on the weekend so I am very much looking forward to that.

I think I’ll burn my Creme’ De La Creme’ soy candle tomorrow night:

New Creme' 10

It has a hint of citrus and vanilla, and just oozes class and sophistication with the honeyed, sweet, tones of Rose Flower. It is perfect for a romantic night in.

Available to buy from my Etsy page:

Bespoke Candles by The Secret Scent Societe`

Bespoke Candles by The Secret Scent Societe`

RouletteI am the owner and founder of The Secret Scent Societe`. I specialise in making bespoke, made to order scented candles for clients who are sick of mass produced “white” candles with boring scents and instead seek a luxurious handmadeĀ scented candle that they can customise to there own requirements. IĀ use soy wax in my candles which has a high scent retention aswell as beingĀ  100% natural, good for the environment and resistent to soot production. It is the best and most eco friendly type of wax on the market.

The colours, candle container, and type of scent you’d like isĀ decided by you then I go to work creating a bespokeĀ scent forĀ your candle that will rival any perfume you own. I can make candles in a variety of colours and shades.