Watch The Secret Lives of 4 Year Olds on 4OD, now!

Watch The Secret Lives of 4 Year Olds on 4OD, now!


Anyone that knows me well knows that I’m not particularly keen on children (or sprogs as I often call them). I guess this stems from my experience as a teenager when I somehow tried to convince myself that nursery nursing was what I wanted to spend my life doing as a career (oh how wrong was I!).

I spent almost an entire year of my life wiping up green snot,  changing dirty nappies, having spoilt and not so cute children wailing into my eardrums, trying to put 8 hyperactive babies down for an afternoon nap at the same time, and confiscating chalk from a chalk eating toddler. But my very worst encounter was with a boy called James.  James was not cute at all (not that all children are cute but when misbehaving being cute certainly helps!). So yes, James was not in the least bit cute, he was infact borderline ugly which is a shame when you’re only 4 years old, alas he was intent on being a disruption. He had the loudest voice, the worst eyesight (he wore VERY thick glasses), and a permanent cold. When he was being told off he resorted to doing the most disgusting thing ever to voice his displeasure (his favourite word was No). James used to snort. now considering his nose was always running, snorting produced liquid that moved. And liquid that comes out of the nose canal and moves is not the one.  It was absolutely abhorrent. And my displeasure was clear. Alas James clearly thought that it was humorous when everyone in his vicinity tried to get as far away from him as physically possible and rather then stop proceeded to snort even harder. The snot flew out of his nose down his chin, onto his clothes and sometimes out and onto innocent passers-by. Twas absolutely horrific.

So when I managed to escape the horror that was trying to care for these dirty little monsters I decided that I wouldn’t be going back. Not to that nursery, or to any.

So you can understand why, when my sister told me to watch this programme on Channel 4 called The Secret Lives of 4 Year Olds I really wasn’t all that keen. However my sister knows me well and insisted that I watch it so I figured that there must be something in it worth seeing so I caught it on Catch up TV.

It was a documentary (LOVE documentaries) following a group of 4 years olds in a nursery. There were camera’s set up everywhere in the nursery and the purpose of the experiment was to see how the children interacted with one another in a new social environment. They were being watched by scientists to study how they made friends, how they learnt, how they shared (or not!), and it was honestly the most heartwarming AND hilarious thing I’ve ever watched on TV. The things they say will have you cackling wickedly like a witch, and of course some of them (and I do mean SOME), were very cute! Surprisingly to me, they all had very different personalities and that really came through even though they were all only 4 years old. And their capacity for understanding and knowing right from wrong (or choosing to do wrong!) was fascinating. There was a little girl called Jessica, who just melted your heart with her sweetness, angelic looking face and pure innocence, a beautiful little girl with big brown eyes and gorgeous hair called Skylar who though very cute was very mischievous and a little selfish too, a bully boy called Haik who not only looked like his father but more then likely is growing up to be like his father too (his father is a businessman and I sense he spoils him for the most ridiculous reason that he happens to have blonde hair and blue eyes?!).

I was very upset when the documentary ended because I enjoyed it so much and so I made my friend watch it straightaway.  She called me 10 minutes in telling me how much she was enjoying it. Some of the children (including Haik and Skylar), were not into the concept of asking nicely or sharing things which wasn’t nice to see and some of them didn’t seem to understand the concept of waiting their turn, but they were immensely entertaining nonetheless. It would be interesting to see if those same children were still the same in a year or so. Nonetheless I don’t think this programme is going to be continued which is a bloody shame because I honestly think that everyone, whether they have or even like children or not, could be educated by these little ones.

It was on on Channel 4 at 8:00 pm on Tuesday 10th Feb but you can catch it on Catch Up TV or 4OD if you don’t have Catch Up TV. Comedy Gold!