Pomp & Circumstance the show stealer!

Pomp & Circumstance the show stealer!


I hope you had a great Bank Holiday weekend. The weather certainly could have been better!
I’m desperate for some sun and am counting down the days until I go to Las Vegas. Just under a week to go now!

Last week I had my showcase at Publicis in Central London. They invited me down to use there space to sell and promote my products to there staff. I was only there over the lunchtime period so considering I was only there for a mere 2 hours it went very well! I had alot of very good feedback, the men in particular seemed impressed with my products – it’s usually very hard to impress men with fragrant products but they asked alot of questions and complimented my packaging so I was quite flattered. Pomp & Circumstance, my Limited Edition Bulgarian Rose & Jasmine Soy Candle stole the show. It has such a depth and character to it, and it is almost impossible to pick out the individual notes as it has such complexity. Pomp & Circumstance is a very luxurious fragrance. It’s a shame I can’t upgrade this candle to part of my standard range, but my supplier of Bulgarian Rose doesn’t always have it so it has to remain Limited Edition for now. Nonetheless, Cloud Nine remained a firm favourite, I love playing the game with my clients of “guess the fragrance”, and there was one guy in particular who was brilliant at it! He could recognise some of the components, which is quite hard to do as I usually have quite a few notes and accords in my fragrances. Creme’ De La Creme’, Ambrosial Peach and Indian Mistress of the Night still seem to be a winner with both sexes. I was told that The Caspian Sea was very true to the brief: A subtle, fresh, light, aquatic scent. Lavender, With Love, I knew would be a favourite as it’s a white candle and women love Lavender!
Anniversary, the candle and the reed diffuser was hands down the most sought after fragrance of all. I anticipated that it might be so that was handy.

Publicis do regular marketing events like this at there offices for small creative businesses like mine, so hopefully I’ll get invited back in the future. I am planning to introduce a few new products to my range like body cream’s and souffle’s, salt and sugar scrubs, perfumes, bath oils and I may have an attempt at making Cold Process Soap. It’s a little more technical then M&P soap which I already make, and it takes longer to cure. I’m not so certain I have the patience to wait but we’ll see! 🙂

Pictures from the event:

Publicis Showcase 2

Publicis Showcase 3

Publicis Easter Extravaganza!

Publicis Easter Extravaganza!

Next Wednesday is my Easter showcase @ Publicis’ offices (thanks for the recommendation Stace!). I’ve been invited to showcase and sell my handmade creations to them as gifts for the Easter holidays.
I’ll be presenting my range of Scented Container Candles:

Black Frost 3

Scented Pillar Candles:
Ambrosial Pillar

Reed Diffusers:
RoseGold Reed Diffuser 5

Solid Lotion Bars:
Solid Lotion Bar 6

Ambrosial Peach Soap 1

Incense Sticks:
In Bloom Incense Sticks 2

And I’ll also be bringing a few limited edition perfumes and 3 wick candles.

I’m really excited about this opportunity to get my brand out there, gain some feedback on my products and services, make some sales, and potential new clients!

RoseGold…Rose and Apple Blossom Loveliness in a Glass

RoseGold…Rose and Apple Blossom Loveliness in a Glass

RoseGold 2I decided that I wanted to make a lovely sophistated floral scent with a hint of spring fruits for a candle that would be easily transferrable to use for reed diffusers and incense stick fragrances and I think that I have finally achieved that with my new candle fragrance: RoseGold.

RoseGold is a smooth and sophisticated fragrance that has a bright, sparkling, genuine innocence about it. Rose is it’s heart note and it provides a beautiful and sweet honeyed complexity and Apple Blossom gives it a deliciously flirty, fragrant, fruity scent. Some specially selected secret ingredients are included to keep it interesting.

The colours I chose to represent it’s fragrance is white and gold: White represents the fact that it is a clean, summery fragrance and Gold to represent it’s glitz and glamour. The colours looks fantastic together. A perfect springtime and summertime gift!

Available to buy on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/125380735/white-and-gold-rosegold-rose-and-apple

Show & Smell!

Show & Smell!


This weekend I was busy making swarovski encrusted scented wedding pillar candles so that I can take some pictures to put up on Etsy. Those swarovski crystals suuure are fiddly!!

 I wanted to share some exciting news with you and that is that today Monday 25th February, The Secret Scent Societe’ has been handpicked to appear on an online showcase for uk creative businesses called ukhandmade. I don’t know which of my products they have chosen to promote but I feel very flattered and can’t wait to see it! The listing will go live today and you can see it here: