I made it to the Top of the Rock!

I made it to the Top of the Rock!

San 22 Hi There Bloggees and Bloggettes! How the devil are ya?! I’m back from my holiday on the beautiful island on Santorini in Greece and am feeling most relaxed and contented! I spent a wonderful couple of days there sampling the local cuisine, enjoying the beautiful scenery, sightseeing, shopping and even climbing up a mountain (well perhaps not a mountain but a very very large rock!). As you can see here, I’m looking quite chuffed with myself 🙂 San 33 I really enjoyed it in Santorini, and thought that the sunsets in particular were simply breathtaking. Highly recommended!

Storybook Beauty

Storybook Beauty

La Maltese

Well folks: The time is soon upon us. I’m referring of course, to my imminent departure to sunnier climes: Santorini in Greece. Santorini is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I’ve ever seen, with it’s rugged coastlines, white cave houses and magical sunsets, and let us not forget about the food! Fresh seafood and vegetables allday long! 🙂

Santorini has been high on my list of places that I’d like to visit for a couple of years now so I’m very excited that I will finally get to visit. October is meant to be the perfect time to visit because of it’s milder temperature (which can get up to the mid to high 30’s in the summer) and less tourists.

We will be staying at La Maltese Estate in Imerovigli. Asides from it being very beautiful and serene, La Maltese has the benefit of being located at the highest point of the caldera and so comes with some pretty spectacular views!

La Maltese 2

La Maltese 4

La Maltese 3

Whilst we’re there we’d like to go to the Open Air Cinema:  http://www.cinekamari.gr/

To the Red Bull Art of Motion competition where there will freerunners using the dramatically  beautiful background of Santorini as there playground! https://www.facebook.com/rbafm?fref=ts

Restaurants we’d like to visit:

Kapari: http://www.kaparisantorini.gr/pages/gastronomy.asp?p=gs

Ammoudi: http://www.ammoudi-santorini.gr/index.html

Metaximas: http://www.santorini-metaximas.gr/en/

Naturally I will let you know if the dream was indeed the reality upon my return!