Forgive me if I bore you…

Forgive me if I bore you…

BUT I really must tell you again how amazed I am that I’d never heard of this vision board thing before! Ever since I found out (only yesterday!) how to create one I have been making them like crazy! I think I’m seriously addicted 🙂

I also signed up to Polyvore (which I’d initially assumed was just a shopping site), and I created a collection, including my Reed Diffuser which you can see here:

Alas I haven’t quite worked out how to create and share a vision board created on Polyvore. When I do you’ll be the first to know!

Look see, at my creativityy! 🙂

My Life…


My Life


Crème De La Creme’ Luxury Soy Candle (With Orange, Vanilla, Rose & Jasmine)


Creme De La Creme Collage

Indulgent Body Souffle’ (with Rose-Geranium & Jasmine)


Body Souffle Collage

Whaddya think?!

CRAFTMANSHIP…I salute thee

CRAFTMANSHIP…I salute thee

As I’m now a creative business owner myself I’m finding that I’m increasingly more aware of, inspired by and impressed by the work of other designer/makers/crafters. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to express yourself in a creative way, and to get better over time as you hone your craft. 

I salute Laduree.

Laduree, are good at cakes (or Patisserie as the snooty french like to call it). And they are PARTICULARLY good at this heavenly creation Rose St Honore that has the delicate flavour of roses, with chantilly cream on a rose iced flaky puff pastry, and raspberry compote in the middle. This is luxury and extravagence on another level.

The design: Impressive. The execution: Flawless. My addiction: HIGH.