The Tale of a Psycho Bride is coming to a Kindle Store near you!

The Tale of a Psycho Bride is coming to a Kindle Store near you!

Top of the Morning to ya Bloggee’s and Bloggetts!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend?!

I went to see a new play by the Royal Shakespeare Company called “Bring up the Bodies” on Friday night which I really enjoyed! then on Saturday my sister and I took my Mum to an allday Spa in Surrey for her Birthday. She loved it!

Remember awhile ago I told you that I was writing a story about my holiday to New York? Well since then I have written a further 9 stories including a short story about my holiday to Trinidad and Tobago back in 2006.

I recently decided to self publish my story through Amazon for sale to Kindle readers and have been in the process of editing and getting a front cover illustration done for it so that I can make it available for sale. And I’m pleased to say that I’m almost finished!

BRIDEZILLA! “The Tale of the Psycho Bride” is about a disastrous wedding I went to in the Caribbean with my sister and is a true story. It’s already been read by some family, friends and colleagues who loved it and begged me to make it available for sale to the general public.

I will let you know the release date soon! I hope you will buy a copy!

The Front cover illustration: