Reed Diffusers


RoseGold 9

My Reed diffusers are made with a combination of essential oils, IFRA approved fragrance oils and Dowanol, which is a superior solvent/carrier for ingredients in cosmetic preparations. It retains the natural colour of the perfume oils and cosmetic dyes excellently and has no scent so the fragrances do not smell alcoholic.

I am selling these cubed glass reed diffusers in 2 colours: Transparent and Black and in 4 fragrance choices:

Vintage Gardenia: Has a beautiful caramel colour with a sophisticated blend of Gardenia & Sandalwood and other secret ingredients.

Ambrosial Peach: A delicate colour and a delicate fragrance of fresh peaches and another secret ingredient. Very elegant.

RoseGold: Fruity and Floral in equal measure. Perfect for a brightly lit home. With Rose & Apple Blossom.

Anniversary: Exotic, moody and romantic. With Fig & Coconut.

Available to buy on my Etsy page:


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