I’m off to Bali!

I’m off to Bali!


Incase you didn’t know already, my boyfriend and I are going travelling for 4 months in October (yeah baby!). After spending another miserably cold winter in England last year we finally decided that we would take the plunge, get some time off work (or I would anyway), and go someplace we both loved and wanted to spend more time in: Thailand.

But the thought of being on the beautiful island of Samui on my boyfriend’s birthday, on Christmas day and over the new year has only just began to sink in, and I must say: I’m feeling pretty darn chuffed about it. Initially, we were going to do two months in Koh Samui and then two months in Chiang Mai, but after some deliberation we finally decided to add Bali to the mix, which is somewhere that neither of us had been to before but a place we were both very eager to visit. So now we are going to be spending two month in Bali – one month in Ubud and one month in Canggu, and then we’ll be spending one month in Koh Samui in Thailand (where we will be for Christmas and New Year), before moving on to Chiang Mai.

We have chosen these specific places because we have heard a lot of great things about them including their natural beauty aswell as the food, the friendliness and warmth of the people, and also the weather (a no brainer when you leave in damp cold most of the time), the high standard of living and the more simple and laid back way of life. I know that Bali in particular is heavily populated by Aussies (as Spain is by Brits I guess), but I’m willing to take my chances as it is stunningly beautiful and filled with nature – something that after spending most of my life in England I am desperate to experience.

Whilst we’re there other then lazing about, swimming in the sea, sightseeing, mixing with the locals and perhaps learning a little Thai and Indonesian words I am planning on documenting my travels right here on this here blog. It’s not a travel blog as you know, but I figured that you would love to hear about my adventures 😉 and I’m really not all that serious about trying to make money from writing about it hence why there’s no point in me setting up one just for that reason. I just like to write I guess.

So I hope that you will tune in and listen to my ramblings of my life and times in Bali and Thailand, and perhaps I might even bring back some sunshine with me! 🙂


Silk La Fox