Newness Update

Newness Update

Pantone 691 U

Unfortunately it’s looking I’m not going to get my Pantone coloured kilner jars afterall. I contacted my supplier and they said that they are unable to match Pantone colours exactly and customers have been dissatisfied so they no longer offer this service. It’s a real bummer as I was hoping to utilise this service (which is slightly more expensive) to change my whole range but I’m just going to have to stick to there standard colours for now. I have gone for a fuschia pink instead for the body scrub souffle’ as it goes with the pink salts and fresh red rose that I include.

I did however get my Wood Wicks on Saturday and have already started experimenting with them. I’ve decided to use the fragrances that we have in our white scented candles for now so I can gage the popularity of this product before creating new scents for it. I am excited about it though, I think they are pretty amazing.

Wood Wick

I still haven’t heard back from Love Lula about the samples I sent them but I have heard that they have a pretty stringent testing procedure plus they are probably really busy testing all of the other natural  brands who want to sell on there website also.

The new candle colours haven’t arrived yet but I’m excited to try them out. I’m more convinced now that they will be appreciated more then the brighter coloured candles as they will go with more people’s home décor.



rose bekroblue bekroViolet bekro


This week has been really busy here in The Secret Scent Societe’ lab!

I made contact with Love Lula on Monday, who are an award winning UK online boutique who exclusively sell natural and organic beauty and skincare brands. They have the biggest selection of natural and organic products online in the UK not to mention some truly amazing, innovative brands. I introduced myself and The Secret Scent Societe’ to them and they said they were interested and asked me to send them some samples of my products so I’m just waiting to hear back from them now. Fingers crossed they like them!

My cousin, who is a jewellery designer, contacted me about doing a collaborative presentation of both of our products at 2 offices she is booked to go and see in a couple of weeks to sell her products. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the time off work to attend with her but she’s offered to not only take my products with her and display them alongside her own but also to sell them for me (and she doesn’t even want a cut!). She’s being so generous with her time and efforts! The only problem is that I’m out of stock on most things! So I’ve had to make a rush order so that I can have a few products to give to her by next weekend (aaah!).


As you know I’ve had a number of issues when trying to take photographs of my products and despite buying professional equipment, watching videos online and reading books on the topic I’m still unsatisfied with my product photography. I was previously against the idea of paying a professional to take the photographs because I didn’t feel it was worth it when I could do it  myself (not!), but after talking to my cousin she encouraged me to do so. She has amazing photography and said that she pays a photographer to take pictures of her jewellery every 6 months, so she gets him to take pictures of any new products then. Realising that I was holding myself back from doing many things like approaching online retailers, magazines and blogs about promoting or selling my products because of my lack of suitable photography, I’ve finally made a decision to get a professional in! It’s right when they say that you should delegate the jobs you’re no good at and concentrate on the jobs you are good!  I contacted a photographer on Gumtree and he said he could do it no problem. I didn’t want to spend the money initially but not spending the money wasn’t progressing my business so I’ve just decided to stop procrastinating. And now I feel much better now that I’ve made that decision. It really takes a weight off my shoulders and I know that it will be money well spent in the longrun.

Kilner Jars

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my brand image because besides the fact that people always tell me how great it is there are a few products that won’t shift online no matter what and I think I’ve finally worked out what it is (aside from the price that is!). When I sell products in person people seem to really love them but online I think that perhaps their vibrant colours can be a little off-putting/bright. I’m referring to 3AM (Gold) and Black Frost (Purple). The irony is that these candles both have the most unusual, complex and alluring scents of all the candles I make which people seem to really take to when they smell them in person but of course selling scents online is another matter entirely! So I have decided to trial some other candle colours by a candle colour specialist company called Bekro. They have some really pretty neutral colours which I like: beige, grey, dusky pinks, lilac, cream etc and I not only personally prefer these kinds of colours but I think these colours are more suited to my brand and I think that more people will like them. Of course, I still make white candles but they can be very boring – it’s good to give people some alternative options. I have also decided to change the packaging of the body scrub souffle’ kilner jars (which are currently the same colour as the body soufflé’s: smoke grey). I’m going instead for this Rose Pink Pantone colour:


Pantone 691 U

The company I buy my candle holders and cosmetics containers from are able to do customised colours so long as it’s a Pantone colour so let’s see what they come up with!

Wood Wick Candles

Remember awhile ago I told you about my intention to make wood wick candles? – well they are finally on there way! I hope to have them ready for my cousin to take to her events in a couple of weeks but I still need to think about fragrances as I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to do the wood wicks with fragrance oils or essential oils (which will be much more expensive). I’m going to wait until the ingredients arrive and decide then I think. I believe that they will sell really well because I don’t know anyone else who are doing these types of candles and they have such a satisfying sound and smoky aroma. Just Gawjus!

Fizzing Chamomile Bath Milk Recipe

Fizzing Chamomile Bath Milk Recipe

   I’ve got a gorgeous FREE recipe for all my wonderful bloggee’s and bloggette’s today! It’s not only a completely natural skincare recipe but it’s super easy and works wonders. You might even have a few of these ingredients already in your kitchen so there’s no excuse not to give it a try and It will make your skin really soft and well nourished! Ingredients 1/2 cup of powdered milk (I suggest buttermilk) 1/2 cup of baking soda 1/2 cup of cornstarch 1/2 cup of citric acid 1/2 cup of Epsom salts Dried Chamomile flowers A few drops of Essential Oils (I suggest Ylang Ylang, Bergamot  and Vanilla) Instructions Mix all dried the ingredients together, add the chamomile flowers, mix well and the gradually add your essential oils (not too much just a few drops of each is fine), then mix again. Let it dry for 24 hours (patience is a virtue:). Store in plastic jars with a tight lid. Use 3 to 4 tablespoons per bath or 2 tablespoons for a foot soak. Relax and enjoy! If you tried this recipe please do let me know how you got on Have a beautiful day! 🙂

Our Mission Statement.

Our Mission Statement.

Trying to come up with a statement that describes who you are, what makes your business unique, it’s ethics, beliefs and values isn’t easy. I know the things that are important to me and why I feel that my brand is unique but conveying that into a brief statement, one that not only reads clearly but captivates and inspires the imagination too is quite a challenge.

I’m still working on it, but here’s what I have so far:

Luxury. Scents. Nature

The Secret Scent Societe’ is a luxury beauty brand that fuses a love of nature with a passion for fragrance. We believe strongly in the purity and simplicity of natural ingredients which we use exclusively in our natural skincare products, and we believe in the power and mystery of scent. We celebrate this in our line of luxury handmade fragrance and natural skincare products. Love you completely.

I’ve re-written it a couple of times but for some reason I just keep coming back to this sentence so I’m going to leave it for now. I’ve seen some really excellent mission statements from my competitors so I’m keen to improve mine gradually so that it’s the best that it can be and represents my brand philosophy completely but for now I’m going to stick to this one and then maybe I can come back to it in a few weeks and review it again.

What are your thoughts on it? – Is there anything you’d change or add to it? Do you think I’ve covered everything here? Does it read and convey well?

Watch The Secret Lives of 4 Year Olds on 4OD, now!

Watch The Secret Lives of 4 Year Olds on 4OD, now!


Anyone that knows me well knows that I’m not particularly keen on children (or sprogs as I often call them). I guess this stems from my experience as a teenager when I somehow tried to convince myself that nursery nursing was what I wanted to spend my life doing as a career (oh how wrong was I!).

I spent almost an entire year of my life wiping up green snot,  changing dirty nappies, having spoilt and not so cute children wailing into my eardrums, trying to put 8 hyperactive babies down for an afternoon nap at the same time, and confiscating chalk from a chalk eating toddler. But my very worst encounter was with a boy called James.  James was not cute at all (not that all children are cute but when misbehaving being cute certainly helps!). So yes, James was not in the least bit cute, he was infact borderline ugly which is a shame when you’re only 4 years old, alas he was intent on being a disruption. He had the loudest voice, the worst eyesight (he wore VERY thick glasses), and a permanent cold. When he was being told off he resorted to doing the most disgusting thing ever to voice his displeasure (his favourite word was No). James used to snort. now considering his nose was always running, snorting produced liquid that moved. And liquid that comes out of the nose canal and moves is not the one.  It was absolutely abhorrent. And my displeasure was clear. Alas James clearly thought that it was humorous when everyone in his vicinity tried to get as far away from him as physically possible and rather then stop proceeded to snort even harder. The snot flew out of his nose down his chin, onto his clothes and sometimes out and onto innocent passers-by. Twas absolutely horrific.

So when I managed to escape the horror that was trying to care for these dirty little monsters I decided that I wouldn’t be going back. Not to that nursery, or to any.

So you can understand why, when my sister told me to watch this programme on Channel 4 called The Secret Lives of 4 Year Olds I really wasn’t all that keen. However my sister knows me well and insisted that I watch it so I figured that there must be something in it worth seeing so I caught it on Catch up TV.

It was a documentary (LOVE documentaries) following a group of 4 years olds in a nursery. There were camera’s set up everywhere in the nursery and the purpose of the experiment was to see how the children interacted with one another in a new social environment. They were being watched by scientists to study how they made friends, how they learnt, how they shared (or not!), and it was honestly the most heartwarming AND hilarious thing I’ve ever watched on TV. The things they say will have you cackling wickedly like a witch, and of course some of them (and I do mean SOME), were very cute! Surprisingly to me, they all had very different personalities and that really came through even though they were all only 4 years old. And their capacity for understanding and knowing right from wrong (or choosing to do wrong!) was fascinating. There was a little girl called Jessica, who just melted your heart with her sweetness, angelic looking face and pure innocence, a beautiful little girl with big brown eyes and gorgeous hair called Skylar who though very cute was very mischievous and a little selfish too, a bully boy called Haik who not only looked like his father but more then likely is growing up to be like his father too (his father is a businessman and I sense he spoils him for the most ridiculous reason that he happens to have blonde hair and blue eyes?!).

I was very upset when the documentary ended because I enjoyed it so much and so I made my friend watch it straightaway.  She called me 10 minutes in telling me how much she was enjoying it. Some of the children (including Haik and Skylar), were not into the concept of asking nicely or sharing things which wasn’t nice to see and some of them didn’t seem to understand the concept of waiting their turn, but they were immensely entertaining nonetheless. It would be interesting to see if those same children were still the same in a year or so. Nonetheless I don’t think this programme is going to be continued which is a bloody shame because I honestly think that everyone, whether they have or even like children or not, could be educated by these little ones.

It was on on Channel 4 at 8:00 pm on Tuesday 10th Feb but you can catch it on Catch Up TV or 4OD if you don’t have Catch Up TV. Comedy Gold!

It’s snowing!

It’s snowing!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I got the shock of my life when I opened up my curtains this morning: SNOW! Lots of it! Frankie and Sansa didn’t even bat an eyelid when I showed the white stuff to them despite the fact that they’ve never seen snow since they were born but then I guess they’ve been prowling around the house at night jumping onto the windowsills to look out anyway. Ironically enough, despite the fact that there’s been no snow in London for months and months Ian has literally just gone to France to ski! lol Asides from venturing to and from work I shall be hibernating in my house this week as this snow lark isn’t impressing me much at all. I had to resort to wearing my snow boots to work today as the snow was so thick I could hardly get out of the driveway – hardly the most fashionable of attires, lol.

Still, it doesn’t appear to be as cold as it was when I went out on Friday night.  I went out to a party, missed the last train home so then I had a gruelling hour and a half journey home on the nightbuses from NW to SW London.

It was absolutely blitz! It was so cold that I ceased to have the ability to complain about it, when I finally got home I just snuggled as deeply into my bed as was possible without suffocating myself. Alas, it still took a few couple of hours to get my body at a reasonable temperature much less get warm. The cold was in me bones I tell ya!!