Happy 2015 Everyone!!

Happy 2015 Everyone!!

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background

Happy 2015 to you all, and I do hope that you had a most tremendous one!

My Xmas was wonderful, I spent it at my Mums with my family and we had a feast for kings! – capon, duck, salmon and lamb (my fav), was lavished upon us in all it’s glory. Everything was absolutely delicious and had clearly taken quite a number of hours for my Mum (and brother, who was on gravy duty), to produce. My Mum done my late Aunty Cynth proud.

Boxing Day was spent back at home doing lots of dinner prep for we had offered to entertain both Ian’s family and mine (11 people in total) at ours the following day (Gawd help us!). I had never cooked for that number of people before and it was quite a feit taking on an entire menu that I’d never cooked before (excluding my trusty French onion soup starter). I guess I must love a challenge!

On the day I never thought that it was possible to be more stressful as we managed to have one disaster after enough despite my intensive forward planning.

First, it was an overflowing toilet (which had never happened before but decided to happen that very day!), a broken fireplace grate (which also had never happened before but Ian had to then fix because we’d planned to use the fireplace), THEN the worst disaster of all, the clay pot that my Mum had borrowed to me to use for our lamb cracked when we were trying to brown our lamb!! (- we later found out that it was never meant to be put on the stove, only in the oven: Duh!). My Mums beloved pot was completely destroyed so we had to throw it away and quickly find an alternative to house our 7 hour lamb.

We managed to find a casserole dish but unfortunately it wasn’t big enough to put our lamb in so we had to saw part of the lambs bone off! – It was testing to say the least. Alas, halfway through cooking when we went to turn the lamb we were horrified to find that because we didn’t have a matching lid for the casserole dish it had overflowed into the oven and had caused a terrible mess! What a nightmare. But despite this, because I had about 50 alarms going off for various stages in my mega cooking showdown I managed to avert any further cooking disasters.

Thankfully, I had things under control by the time our guests arrived so they were blissfully unaware of my earlier disasters and they were raving about the dinner. So, phew!

NYE was spent at home with Ian and the kittens, my friend and my sister. It was very chilled and warm – which was exactly what I wanted! I was not keen on the idea of spending NYE somewhere far that I’d have to travel to and from, spend money at and ultimately, gamble on whether I’d enjoy so I was very happy indeed just to be at home with some of my favourite people.

Christmas was very busy for The Secret Scent Societe’ which was great, and next year (or should I say this!), there will be much of the same and a lot of new. I don’t make new years resolutions but I do make plans, and I have a lot of plans for The Secret Scent Societe’, such as getting our products onto shelves and bringing more products to market, aswell as a new business idea that I won’t tell you about just yet, but will when it’s more advanced.

My kittens (fluffy balls of mischevious joy that they are), turn 9 months tomorrow! – can you believe it? – time seems to go so by quickly!




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