For Love and Lemons

For Love and Lemons

Look at this frock!

Vixen dress

Gorgeous huh?!

Ian and I have been invited to The Royal Television Society Dinner in a couple of weeks time and I was in much need of a new frock (as ever). I wasn’t too sure exactly what I was looking for but I knew that I wanted it to have glamour, elegance and be unique and thus, I happened upon this beauty. As soon as I clapped eyes on it I knew that it just had to be mine. The dress is by one of my favourite clothing brands, and one that I’ve mentioned to you before: For Love and Lemons. They’re based in California and are sold by an online retail store called Revolve. All of their clothing have the same fun, laid-back, elegant , sexiness that you would expect from a fashion brand from LA, and they always use beautiful and luxurious fabrics for there clothes. I didn’t set out to spend as much as I did, as this dress was pretty pricey, but I reasoned that it was for a special occasion so it was worth getting. Also, the colour of the dress – which is described on the website as being “Sage”, but I think it probably closer to Teal, is wonderful. And unlike other evening dresses this one actually looks as if it might be pretty comfortable to wear which is very important I think. There is nothing worse then wearing a beautiful dress that you have to keep pulling down, or up, or having scratchy/ itchy material or your dress being too tight. I don’t think that we’re going to have any such problems here.

So, the delivery time, considering it’s coming from LA, is 2 weeks, which is reasonably long, but it’s enough time for me to source the appropriate accessories for the occasion. I’m not going to be wearing lots of jewellery as it’s not my style and the dress doesn’t need it but a nice, classy pair of earrings and maybe a fur stole? would be nice methinks. Unlike Nasty Gal, it allows you to prepay your duties and taxes saving you the usual “nasty surprises” when you order an international package and the courier turns up demanding extra cash!

To be continued…

For Love


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