The way of the sponge!

The way of the sponge!

Bath Sponge

Last week I heard of a very peculiar thing that had me immediately intrigued: A bath sponge being used as a styling tool!

Now if you’ve never heard of this before then your probably thinking; What on earth is she banging on about? but I can assure you tis no exaggeration: people are doing this technique all over the country using a SPONGE with holes in it to create texture/curls/definition/twists even dreds in there natural hair.

This ingenious and very simple piece of apparatus was created in America and has gradually spread over to the UK. You can buy one from Nudred, their versions costs around $25, but if your not based in the US then you also have to pay shipping costs which can be up to $12. So, pretty expensive for what it is.

Another alternative for this magic sponge is to DIY. And this is what I done!

The sponge is essentially a regular bath sponge that you can buy in any hardware store, or even at the Supermarket. I got mine from Tesco’s and it cost me 58p for 2 sponges. As I paid by self checkout and there was 50p left in the change area from the last customer I actually only paid 8p, so they cost me 4 pence each: Bargain!

Then I watched THIS video, showing how to cut the holes into your sponge:

And I went home and done my own. I also done one for my friend who doesn’t yet know about this technique and I cannot wait to show her/give it to her!

Aside from the extreme affordability of the sponge and how easy it is to make one yourself at home, I LOVE the effect the sponge creates in my hair, the ease of usage, the fact that the sponge technique doesn’t harm the hair, the time it takes to get the desired affect (literally only between 2 to 5 minutes). Also it’s quite relaxing to use – almost like a massage affect as you literally rub it  gently over your head.

See this video to see how the sponge technique is created:

I think it’s brilliant. I haven’t got the time nor the inclination to sit there preening myself for 30 minutes each morning, really I don’t and this sponge takes the hassel out of grooming and does what you want it to do in much less than half the time: Genius!   

So far I’ve been using it everyday and I’ve had quite a few compliments and I just ADORE telling people about my cheap and cheerful routine. I hope all you lovely natural haired people out there give this a try, you won’t regret it I promise! This sponge technique is good for both men and women and is particularly effective when the hair is slightly damp. You can still use your usual styling products but it’s better to use them before you sponge curl rather then afterwards otherwise it may take some of the definition from your hairstyle.

What do you think of the sponge curl technique? have you tried it yourself? do you have any good, or bad things to say about it? did you make or buy yours? do you know any special techniques?






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