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I know I’ve told you this before but I just felt inspired to remind you 🙂

It has occurred to me over these past few years of my internet shopping career (well it’s not a career exactly but it’s certainly a favourite pastime), that I am a lover of design that is created underneath the sun. And by that I mean, I love #fashion that is designed in hot country’s, preferably ones with a beach inspired lifestyle. It’s far from intentional, but infact refreshingly coincidental.

It all started with Wheels and Dollbaby, who had a small commission store at one time in the now defunct Allders. I liked their branding and so I bought a top from them. It also came with a removable badge, which I quite liked. Soon after that I had a look on there website, where I was amazed and quite frankly horrified to find that not only were they based in Sydney #Australia, all the way on the other side of the world, but that the prices of their clothing was extortionate, certainly not very reasonable at all. Alas, I was determined to have a particular dress that I had my eye on so I sent an email to my work colleagues asking them for a donation to my #birthday dress fund (I kid you not). In addition to this I also sent round a picture of the said Wheels and Dollbaby dress in an internal mail envelope asking for contributions so that I could acquire this beauteous frock. It worked! Whether through my sheer audacity, compassion or because they really liked the dress it paid off. The dress was over a hundred pounds and included a pretty horrible shipping fee too. Alas I love the dress and still wear it to this day.

Then there was #Stylestalker (Australia). I fell in love with a beautiful floaty white dress with a dipped back and shiny gold shoulder studs and bought it immediately. It was almost £150 but as Stylestalker was stocked by my beloved #Asos I was able to bypass the extortionate shipping fees which was alright by me. Even though I’ve owned it for a few years now it remains my favourite dress and is perfect for warm balmy nights. It is far too nice to wear in this cold country but was made for #holidays. They have a number of drool worthy clothes in there collection to warrant inclusion on my favourite #brands list.

Asos also stocked another Australian brand called #Nookie Beach. Not only was there brand name impressive, but there #swimwear was too. I bought a lovely khaki coloured cover up from them and drooled over the rest of their swimwear range. I really liked there stuff but could not justify their prices. They were far from reasonable and almost unaffordable.

I soon found a brand called #Celeb Boutique (UK), who designed sexy evening dresses just a tad over the reasonably bold and daring mark. There dresses were not only designed well, but they fit very well and came in a lovely array of colours too. They are very expensive however so I usually only buy myself a dress from Celeb Boutique on special occasions. Thankfully my darling boyfriend has surprised me with a Celeb Boutique dress at #Christmas 3 years in a row. I do love him!

Asos introduced me to another UK (and Delhi) based clothing brand called Needle & Thread ( I know I’ve mentioned them before). They have an absolutely beautiful array of hand embroidered dresses. I can see the craftsmanship in everything they design and despite me not owning one of their designs (because of the hefty pricetag that though warranted is not affordable for me at all!), I still admire them.

And then I found Nasty Gal (California). Nasty Gal introduced me not only to there very unique and very beach/boho inspired designs but to similar brands that I loved.

They included:

Minimale Animale (based in #California). They do the sexiest swimwear you’ve ever seen!

Bless’ed are the Meek (Australia). Gorgeous dresses amongst other things.

Lisa Maree (Australia) Some really lovely hand crochet dresses

Vitamin A (California). Sexy swimwear California style!

And a personal favourite of mine: For Love and Lemons, who are based in California but there 2 designers admit that they are inspired by Australian designers. There clothes are designed using delicate fabrics and intricate patterns, and they are sexy, unique and fresh. I don’t own anything from them (yet), but when I’ve saved up I will! lol

And last, but by no means least, is #Berta Bridal (Israel) who have a breathtakingly beautiful array of wedding dresses. I didn’t know you were getting married? you might ask. I’m not! I just have a deep love and appreciation for these dress designs and I have said very openly to my boyfriend that if we were ever to get married I would be wearing a dress designed by Berta. End of. I’ve decided, and there really is nothing else I need to contemplate because she is the one for me!

So you see most of the brands I like are either based on the Californian beaches or the Australian beaches! I’m a child of the sun. Born in the month of July. My starsign is Leo. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I love the casual boho/beach sexy of these brands.

Look, see!

For Love and Lemons



For love and lemons

Berta Bridal

berta bride

Lisa Maree

lisa maree


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