The Secret Scent Societe’ Annual Summer Sale!

The Secret Scent Societe’ Annual Summer Sale!

The Secret Scent Societe’ is having our annual Summer Sale in June where you will be able to get your hands on some much coveted fragrant possessions. We are giving up to a whopping 25% off in the sale so do not miss out! Everything from our scented candles, to our wonderful bath salts, body soufflé’s AND reed diffusers is going to be up for grabs for a heavily discounted price. So if you have any Aunty’s, Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, Friends or Neighbours that you need to gift this year then this is your chance!

And to top this off all products over £30 get FREE DELIVERY. Yes that’s right: FREE!

The Sale will go live on Monday 16th June so put the date in your diaries and get ready to rejoice!

The sale is exclusively on that fabulous website they call Notonthehighstreet.

Summer Sale

Roll on June!

Roll on June!

I have some very exciting news: We are getting kittens! 2 British Shorthair Kittens! 🙂

We went to Norfolk not too long ago to see a breeder who had British Shorthairs so that we could choose our kittens from his litter – we specifically wanted to get a blue boy and a lilac girl and was prepared to wait until we found them. I have wanted a British Shorthair ever since I can remember and since we decided to leave my beautiful ginger tom cat Jackson Brown with my Mum we started considering bringing some kittens into our happy home.
So I am delighted to announce that we will be getting them at the end of June. We also booked our holiday to the South of France – we’re going to go there for a week before returning home to pick up our kittens and begin our parental duties. I cannot wait to shower them with lots of love and affection, play with them and allow them the run of the house! I know that they are going to love living with us and I intend to treat them very well indeed. As my kittens are pedigree they will be indoor cats but I have bought some harnesses for them so that we can take them out in our back garden as I really don’t believe in having them spend there entire lives inside, pedigree or no pedigree!

Here are some pictures of them. They are brother and sister, the boy is called Franklin and the girl is called Sansa (after the character in the Games of Thrones).

My blue boy Franklin (at just over 1 month old)


My lilac girl Sansa (at just over 1 month old)