I’m about to take the plunge!

I’m about to take the plunge!

Tonight, I’m going to make cold process soap! Pray for me!

I have been doing LOTS of research on soapmaking over the last couple of months, watching lots of video’s, reading lots of articles and forums and I bought this highly recommended book on soapmaking a couple of weeks ago: The Soapmakers Companion.

The idea of soapmaking is exciting but equally terrifying. I LOVE the science behind it: Choosing your butters on oils based on there properties and health benefits, researching the various ways ingredients behave in soap, and working with strictly raw ingredients found in nature. Then there’s the unlimited ways of decorating and fragrancing your soap: The possibilities are endless!

Slowly I have been acquiring the ingredients to start my very own first soap batch, processed all of the necessary safety information and now I feel I am ready to begin. I really feel as though this is just the beginning for my soapmaking ambitions. I want to make the best bar of soap you can find! A bar of soap with the best, most luxurious and exotic oils available on the market.

In order to make soap the first step is to choose your oils and then work out the quantities of all of your ingredients using the calculations for your mould volume and including the sodium hydroxide for the lye and distilled water which you eventually mix with the sodium hydroxide to create lye water. The butters and oils that you intend on using are then melted down and then the lye water is added to the oils once the temperature of both the oils and the lye water has reached approximately 110 – 120 degrees each. The fragrance/essential oils, colourants or herbs and clays are added to this mixture at trace. Sodium hydroxide is an extremely dangerous substance so I have got my goggles and gloves prepared for when I’m working with it.

There are so many different soapmaking techniques that I love that it’s hard to decide what to try first though I know that they say you should start with something simple first, but I’m not sure that I will as unfortunately I’m too impatient, lol.

I also just received my custom soap stamp which I was hoping to use on my M&P soap favours but I think it would also be perfect to use on my soaps too.

Fingers crossed everything goes according to plan and do let me know if you’ve made any soap yourself!
If it comes out reasonably well then I will post a picture up, but if it’s a complete and utter disaster..well then…!

This is gorgeous..

rose soap

One thought on “I’m about to take the plunge!

  1. Soooo, I made some soap last night! I won’t know how it has come out until this evening when I take it out of it’s insulation but I am hoping (indeed praying), that it’s come out okay. I did notice that as soon as I added the fragrance oil to it it rapidly accelerated trace so I couldn’t add the kaolin clay as I had wanted to. Also, it took aaages for the lye water and oils to cool down – I wanted it to cool down to about 110 degrees but in the end I combined them at around 130 degrees farenheit. This perhaps may have affected the trace? – Next time I think I’ll either leave the room while it cools down or use a cool bath to place the bowls into. Because the mixture started to get really clumpy it became quite difficult to pour into the mould, infact I had to use a spoon in the end. This was kind of okay in the end as I planned on having a textured top anyway, but I’m sure there are some tricks still to be learnt on how to do this most effectively. I had the windows open wide throughout my soapmaking but the fumes were still VERY strong. I think I will have to have a fan going aswell next time as though I was trying not to breathe it in it was still very intense and made me cough. Anyhoo, I should have some pictures for you to see tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚

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