****NEWS FLASH****

I have been beside myself with excitement today, BESIDE myself I’m telling you!

Yesterday afternoon I was contacted by a representative of none other then British VOGUE magazine.
Now naturally my initial reaction upon seeing an email from VOGUE was to think that this was perhaps some kind of hoax, as from past experience I have seen just what people are prepared to do (and say) just so’s they can get there grubby little mitts on my products! and why on earth would VOGUE be contacting lil ole me anyway?

BUT once I read the email in a little more detail I saw that it infact wasn’t a fake at all, a representative of VOGUE had seen some of my products (in particular my luxury candles and body souffle’) and want my products to be included in there special May edition.

Well, however can I resist?!

I will provide more details on this potentially seriously amazing development as soon as I know more but needless to say this is a very exciting opportunity for The Secret Scent Societe’ and a real chance to reach the demographic that my products appeal to. VOGUE is a well respected and successful publication that reaches millions of people so this could be amazing for my brand and me.


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