Treasury Feature 21/02/14

Treasury Feature 21/02/14

Happy Friday!!

There’s been lots going on for me this week as aside from working and posting out orders for our new aromatherapy candles, I’ve also been cat shopping as my boyfriend and I have decided to leave my beloved cat Jackson Brown with my Mum, and get ourselves a kitten. I was going to bring him with me to my new home but I’ve realised now that it would be better for him if I left him where he is. He is happy there and besides, my Mum would miss him terribly. I have always wanted a British Shorthair cat so I’m excited about finally getting to own one. We’re going to get either a blue or lilac one.

Also this week, my colleague asked me if I can make some wedding favors (soaps and candles) for her wedding in August. I’m really excited about this as it means that I can use this as a catalyst to expand into the hugely successful Wedding Market. She has pretty much given me free reign (within reason), to design and make her favors so I set about giving her some ideas this week, including this:

Himalayan Pink Salt French Clay and Poppy Seed Soap Parcel

wedding favor 2

wedding favor

I’m planning on making a variety of different soap types so that I can eventually do a show at one of the bridal exhibitions and hopefully gain a new client base!

Without further ado here are my latest Etsy Treasurys:

The treasury is entitled “Meet you in my dreams” and features my black Tuberose and Ginger candle (which seems to be VERY popular right now!)

treasury typewriter

treasury fountain pen

treasury perfume

“Indian Mistress of the Night” Tuberose & Ginger Soy Candle

Indian Mistress 3 notonthe

This gorgeous Treasury is entitled “Winter Wedding” and features our Frankincense & Myrrh candle F&M

treasury hair vine

treasury wedding bouquet

treasury pearl earrings

“F&M” Frankincense & Myrrh Candle

F&M 4 notonthe

And lastly, this treasury is entitled “Mint Home Décor” and is a collection of refreshingly minty homewares. It features my Mint Green candle “Bois”

treasury bowl

treasury pillow geo

treasury light

“Bois” Sandalwood and Cedarwood Candle

Bois 2 notonthe

To see the full Treasury for “Meet you in my dreams”

To see the full Treasury for “Winter Wedding”

To see the full Treasury for “Mint Home Décor”

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this weeks treasurys, and I hope to be back with some new scented favors for you to see! Also, if you know of any good wedding shows in London happening this year then do tell me about it as I’d like to visit a few to see what kind of products are being exhibited there, gain some inspiration and get some idea’s!

Have a great weekend all! 🙂

Fragrance Profile: Vetiver

Fragrance Profile: Vetiver


Vetiver inci name Chrysopogon zizanioides, is a dark thick like sap that originates from grass in tropical countries such as India, Tahiti and Haiti. It has a very strong odour reminiscent of damp earth, cacao and wood and is extracted by steam distillation.

Vetiver is a popular ingredient in soap making and perfumery because of it’s distinctive smell and excellent fixative qualities. It has therapeutic properties including being an antiseptic, aphrodisiac, relieving insomnia, helping with mental and physical exhaustion and nourishing dry skin and lessening wrinkles. A lot of men’s aftershaves include Vetiver as it is reminiscent of classic manliness, worn leather sofa’s and expensive cigars.

Vetiver is affordable and is used in many wellknown perfumes including Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, Christian Dior Vetiver and Guerlain Vetiver.

Vetiver is in my not yet released “Hair Elixir”, which I’m using myself at the moment as I’m trying to grow my hair and it is simply wonderful. Not too greasy, but nourishing and ultra moisturising with the beautiful fragrance of orange, rose-geranium and vetiver.

If you have any other tips for growing hair then I’ll be happy to hear them as I really don’t want to have to wait a whole 2 years for it to get to shoulder length (remember I’m starting from scratch as I shaved all of my hair off! lol)

To heaven and back

To heaven and back

equinox at night

Before my recent holiday aboard the luxurious Celebrity Equinox, I never realised that there could be so much to do and experience, and I didn’t realise that you could have such a varied holiday onboard a ship! Cruising is traditionally something that the elderly do, and I won’t pretend that they weren’t there in there droves, but really, cruising is for everyone, because it offers a little bit of everything. Celebrity Equinox was impressive, not only in it’s design and stunning features but in the high level of service in all of the onboard facilities including Theatres, A Casino, A Shopping Centre selling everything from expensive jewellery to clothes and accessories, A Spa, A Gym, 10 Restaurants, A Library, A Basketball Court and even a Nightclub! Cruising is definitely becoming more popular, and appealing to younger people which is great.

The pool area on board the Celebrity Equinox:

swimming pool


ship library

French Fine Dining Restaurant Murano:

Murano Restaurant

The Lawn Club:

lawn club

I visited the Caribbean islands of: St Thomas, St Kitts, Barbados, Dominica, and St Maarten. Upon first glance perhaps these islands seemed quite similar in that they had white sands, a crystal clear blue sea and luscious foliage but infact character-wise they were very different. The island of St Thomas had the most beautiful beach I’d ever seen (Magan’s Bay), St Kitts wasn’t as beautiful as St Thomas but had something very special: These absolutely adorable monkeys called Green Vervet Monkeys and I was lucky enough to hold one. He was the cutest thing I’d ever seen!

vervet monkey

Barbados was a beautiful, colourful, well developed island with lots of fancy restaurants, hotels and private yachts everywhere. Obviously a very popular destination!

St Maarten was gorgeous, and very interesting, with a Dutch and French Side to the island. There were a lot of stunning properties on the island. A classy place!

Aside from holding the baby vervey monkey, I also held a baby alligator, which felt like holding a handbag actually! and I went zip lining in the jungle in St Kitts, River Tubing in the rainforest in Dominica and for an Airboat ride in the Florida Everglades. So much fun!

Me in the stunning library

tori cruise 40

I hope that you will consider going on a cruise, as there are lots of great cruise lines, offering different facilities and itinerary’s, going to destinations all over the world. You can go for an adventurous holiday to the Galapagas Islands, a sightseeing holiday to Alaska or a sun loving holiday to the Bahamas. It’s so varied you can’t fail to find a little of everything you love. My boyfriend and I were extremely impressed with Celebrity cruises and we hope to cruise with them again (perhaps to the Mediterraenean this time).