Dressing your stall for success

Dressing your stall for success


Now that I’ve had the exciting news that I’ll be exhibiting my wares at the Crafty Fox craft show in October, it’s time to get down to business! In some respects this is the most stressful time, as I need to make sure I have both the stock levels and variety. And that’s not to mention the lighting, promotional material, packaging, and stall layout. As my table is due to be quite small (80 cm x 80 cm) I need to be quite smart with how I choose to dress it so that I make maximum impact without it looking cluttered. I can’t stand cluttered looking tables and won’t stop to browse if I feel it is so.

I have a wooden sign that I would like to use but I doubt I will have anything to hang it from so I might just have to try to stand it up on the table. Unfortunately it won’t stand up by itself (a shame) so I’ll have to prop it up to give it some support. The table cloth I would prefer to be white, as my products are quite colourful and I prefer to keep things simplistic. I have some hat boxes that I use for shows, so I may get a few more of those of use some shoe boxes to prop underneath the table cloth to create “levels”. Also, I have been told that the lighting isn’t so great, so I’ll need to provide a lamp.

I thought that this article on creating an impression at a craft show was very thorough and informative and I intend on taking some of there advice:


Ciao for now! 🙂


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