Just checking in!

Just checking in!

Hi Guys!

I know that I haven’t posted for a few days and of course I hadn’t forgotten about you I’ve just been crazy busy of late.

I’m looking for a photographer at the moment to take some updated photo’s of my products (I know, I only just took some right?!), alas it turns out that my photography is a tad too creative for notonthehighstreet so I need to find a professional photographer who is good at taking simplistic yet effective photographs and also: I’m on a bit of a budget! so can’t afford to pay into the hundreds. I have a pretty good camera and a tripod though so all the photographer will need to do really is provide the manpower and the talent!

I put a free add on a website called Friday Ads but I haven’t heard anything back as yet. So if you know of anyone whose up to the task then do Holla! This is a paid job.

On another note, I tested out a new cocoa and mint body scrub recipe the other day but I wasn’t too overwhelmed with the way it came out so I’m going to try out another recipe and see how that one comes out. I used granualated sugar in my first recipe, which is really good for exfoliation, and I put coconut oil in it to replenish and moisturise the skin, Cocoa powder was added for scent and it’s health benefits and Peppermint EO also for the fragrance and it’s uplifting properties. But due to the colour of the cocoa it turned the scrub brown and I realised that I’d much prefer the scrub to be white or even a pale green colour. So I’m going to try the recipe again, this time using less cocoa and perhaps some grated coconut for exfoliation.



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