The finest body scrub ever?…

The finest body scrub ever?…

Well, possibly!

I was recently contacted by a Beauty and Lifestyle blogger who regularly writes reviews on large and small independent companies beauty products. She’s based in the UK, and has a very easy to understand, unbiased yet thorough writing style that I liked so I was very happy to send her 2 of my products to review. I sent her: Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub Souffle’ and Frankincense & Myrr (Frankincense & Myrrh) Soy Pillar Candle. She claims that my body scrub is possibly the finest scrub she’s ever used! Needless to say I am very flattered 🙂

You can see the review here:

F&M 8

Body Souffle 19

Treasury Feature 24/07/13

Treasury Feature 24/07/13

We have been blessed to have been featured in not 1, but 2 Etsy treasuries today! The first one 1 is a Black and White inspired Treasury entitled “North Star” and it features my black Tuberose & Ginger soy candle Indian Mistress of the Night. Not to mention all of the lovely handmade products in it, the photography is pretty impressive. Here are a few items featured in it:

bow tie

book broach

vintage sign

And my candle Indian Mistress of the Night:

Indian Mistress 4 notonthe

You can see the full Treasury here:

The next Treasury is a colourful, calming, home comforts inspired Treasury entitled “A Succession of Peace and Quiet” and features my Bespoke Candles. Here are a few items featured in it:

vintage books

colourful pillows

And my Bespoke Soy Candles:

Bespoke Candles

To see the full Treasury for North Star:

To see the full Treasury for A Sucession of Peace and Quiet:

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Have a grrrreat day 🙂

♫ A Brand New Day! ♫

♫ A Brand New Day! ♫

Good Morning!!

My weekend was fabulous, I hope yours was too?

On Saturday my boyfriend took me to Lovebox in Victoria Park which I really enjoyed. It was my first time going there so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but there were lots of food stands, music tents, funfare rides, and a main stage that had Azealia Banks, Plan B and D’Angelo performing to name but a few. Unfortunately, though he was one of the headline acts D’Angelo was very rubbish indeed. Definitely past his prime, overweight, wearing far too many layers of clothing and sweating profusely like a goodun. However despite this, it was a lovely day with beautiful weather, good food (I had some really good jerk chicken and sweet potato fries from a Caribbean stand), some memorable performances (one from a drum and bass act – and I don’t even like drum and bass!) and particularly good people watching (I don’t think I’d ever seen so many bum cheeks before in my life!!). Yesterday I met up with my friend (who was over from Paris for the weekend), and then some friends and family came over, then we went to a comedy show. So all in all a sunny, funny, funpacked weekend.

Next week it’s my birthday (YAY). I’m planning on celebrating it at Crazy Bear in Covent Garden, and then I’m going to Beach Blanket Babylon on the 10th August. I like to celebrate my birth for a whole entire month – greedy aren’t I? Lol.

I hope you enjoy this song by Andrea Carissimi Soul Project: A Brand New Day. It’s perfect for the summer! 🙂

Dressing your stall for success

Dressing your stall for success


Now that I’ve had the exciting news that I’ll be exhibiting my wares at the Crafty Fox craft show in October, it’s time to get down to business! In some respects this is the most stressful time, as I need to make sure I have both the stock levels and variety. And that’s not to mention the lighting, promotional material, packaging, and stall layout. As my table is due to be quite small (80 cm x 80 cm) I need to be quite smart with how I choose to dress it so that I make maximum impact without it looking cluttered. I can’t stand cluttered looking tables and won’t stop to browse if I feel it is so.

I have a wooden sign that I would like to use but I doubt I will have anything to hang it from so I might just have to try to stand it up on the table. Unfortunately it won’t stand up by itself (a shame) so I’ll have to prop it up to give it some support. The table cloth I would prefer to be white, as my products are quite colourful and I prefer to keep things simplistic. I have some hat boxes that I use for shows, so I may get a few more of those of use some shoe boxes to prop underneath the table cloth to create “levels”. Also, I have been told that the lighting isn’t so great, so I’ll need to provide a lamp.

I thought that this article on creating an impression at a craft show was very thorough and informative and I intend on taking some of there advice:

Ciao for now! 🙂

Organic Bulgarian Rose Face Cream

Organic Bulgarian Rose Face Cream

Rose Water face-cream

Currently I am working on creating a luxury face cream, a natural alternative, naturally! These days most of the big cosmetic giants find it only too easy to throw together a few ill researched, badly formulated synthetic ingredients, masked with a sweet cloying fragrance and then charge you extortionate amounts to buy it. Well no more I say! No more! My face cream will not only be effective, but use 100% natural ingredients and have a unique, pure and gently fragrant scent. The main ingredients in my face cream will be:

Organic Bulgarian Rose Water
Acne preventing, anti inflammatory, balancing, anti-aging, cleansing and detoxifying with genuine, rose scented distilled water taken from Rose Flowers.

Vitamin E
Anti-oxidant, protects against UV radiation, excellent moisturiser, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, anti-aging.

Grapeseed Oil
High in polyunsaturates, helps to tone and tighten skin, good for oily skin and acne, antioxidant, skin moisturising.

Sweet Almond Oil
Includes Vitamins A, B and C, easily absorbed, good for dry, sensitive skin and eczema, can provide relief from muscle pain, improves complexion, a good skin lubricant and can help with itching and inflammation.

Essential Oils
As you know, all Essential Oils have Therapeutic Properties, some more then others. In addition to there health benefits they are also aromatic compounds and provide enjoyment, relaxation and sensuality through there aroma’s. For my skin cream I am considering making a Rose & Bergamot scented face cream or perhaps even Geranium.

Rose Absolute
Anti-depressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, bactericidal, anti-viral.

Bergamot Essential Oil
Anti- depressant, used in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, antiseptic, anti-biotic.

Geranium Essential Oil
Uplifting, balancing, helps in the treatment of acne, bruises, burns, cuts, poor circulation, sore throat.

I might also include the wonder-gel Aloe Vera in my recipe to restore, cleanse, soothe and promote skin renewal.

My facial cream will be 100% natural and organic, using a vegan emulsifying wax to bind the oils and water together and excluding synthetic preservatives. This means that the expiry date on them
won’t be as long as most store bought creams but you will be able to refrigerate them to extend there lifespan and you’ll feel great knowing that this has been made freshly for you, with ingredients that are completely safe to use on your skin, and as they won’t be extortionately priced you will be able to buy more when yours runs out without breaking the bank. Each batch will be made fresh to order.

Once I have sourced the correct packaging, I am thinking perhaps a frosted glass jar like my body souffle’ kilner jars, I will have it up on notonthehighstreet available for you to buy!

Oh, you Crafty Fox! ;)

Oh, you Crafty Fox! ;)

Morning All!

What an absolutely glorious weekend we’ve had! I’m sure that like myself, you were either luxuriating in the park, on the beach, or in your garden at some point these past few days. And would you believe that for the second week running my local Sainsbury’s had completely ran out of Halloumi by Saturday afternoon! Gosh, I’m starting to think that it might be a sensible idea to buy the stuff in bulk judging by the weather forecast over the next couple of weeks.

Everybody loves the sunshine!

And for some even better news..

In terms of Craft Markets in London, Crafty Fox is one of the best. Based in South London (@ the Dogstar in Brixton), it hosts some of the best UK designer-makers at it’s seasonal craft events, and I am chuffed to bits that The Secret Scent Societe’ has been handpicked to showcase our products at there Autumn show on Sunday 6th October. I’m planning on introducing some exciting new products that you’ll be able to buy at Crafty Fox on the day aswell as bringing along some of my personal favourites and bestsellers so if you’re around on Sunday 6th October please feel free to come on down and have a gander!

In addition, for all my lovely blog followers I have a special discount for you on the day. Just quote todays date: Monday 15th July to claim your 5% discount on ALL fragrance and natural skincare products.

I look forward to seeing you there! 🙂
The Secret Scent Societe’ on Notonthehighstreet:



Hi! 🙂

I just got back this morning from sunny Preston in Lancashire, where my little brother graduated from his Sports Event Management Degree. The ceremony itself was very formal and I did worry for a moment that I would actually fall asleep as the presenter kept on droning on and on in a tedious, monotone voice and all of the graduates who went up on the stage just shook his hand and walked off again, but when my brother went up to collect his scroll and handshake he lightened the mood immediately by moonwalking onto the stage and doing a little dance.

He has always had bags of confidence and a fun loving personality and despite the hard times I know that he’s been through these past few months he has showed that he could not only triumph, but appreciate the fact that he’s worked hard, persevered and has come a long way. Sometimes, appreciating when things are good, can be the hardest thing to do, but sometimes it’s the most important.

So thanks to my little brother, who I am so very proud of, and ConGRADtulations!

Beau in his garbs