♫ “Hot. Like. FIRE” ♫

♫ “Hot. Like. FIRE” ♫

When I was younger I used to be a Tom Boy. I dressed up like a boy, rapped and beat boxed with my brother, played (okay TRIED desperately) to play rugby and football and I refused to wear what all the other girls were wearing. I guess I’d always been for experimentation and originality even back then. It was the most liberating and carefree time of my life. I remember my Mum, after incessant begging from me, used to reluctantly dress my older brother and I in matching clothes. Karl Kani’s were the ticket. I was brought up in the 80’s and towards the end of the 80’s baggy t-shirts and jeans were in fashion in full force and I LOVED wearing oversized clothes and baseball caps. It was great! Of course, we got all of our inspiration from the music videos of the time, and my biggest idol was without a doubt Aaliyah. I thought she was amazing: She had style, she had originality, she was effortlessly beautiful, she could dance, sing, act, and write and she seemed like she was a genuinely lovely person. Her songs weren’t croony, samey samey boring old ballads, they had real Hip Hop beats behind them and it was the first time that a female singer had enough confidence and ability to carry off singing over a Hip Hop beat and do it WELL. With Timberland’s hypnotic beats behind her her songs always sounded authentic.

I’ve never thought of anyone as my idol, even now, though I do really admire Oprah Winfrey and David Attenborough, but I thought it would be nice to say Hat’s Off to Aaliyah for being “One in a Million”


This was my favourite song of hers (indeed my favourite song period) for a very long time. And it’s still a classic.

Enjoy! 🙂


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