New Solid Lotion Bars!

New Solid Lotion Bars!

Solid Lotion Bar 6
I’m particularly excited about this new creation because it’s something that I’ve been wanting to make for awhile. I’ve tried out a few different variations and I’ve finally found one that has the kind of consistency I was looking for!

Solid Lotion is made with a combination of luxury butters, oils and waxes and then set to form a solid bar. They can be made scented or unscented (of course if I’m making them then they will always be scented!;) and come in solid form so that they can just be picked up and used as a moisturiser for the hands, feet and body. They are primarily made up of natural butters which do absolute wonders for the skin and leave the skin soft and supple, without being sticky or greasy.

They do need to be kept away from direct sunlight as they have a tendancy to melt or sweat if left exposed in humid temperatures.

My new Fleur De Lis solid lotion bars have been made with the finest butters, beeswax, sweet almond oil or argan oil and essential oils. They are available in a choice of 2 beautiful fragrances: Vanilla & Ylang Ylang or Rose Absolute and Lavender and come in a white heart shaped tin that is as small as a Vaseline tin so can be kept on your person, in your handbag or even in your clutchbag for when you’re out on the town and your skin need a little moisturising (genius!)
Solid Lotion Bar 3<
Available to buy on my Etsy page:


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