*New* Reed Diffusers!

*New* Reed Diffusers!

Vintage Gardenia Reed Diffuser 3Reed Diffusers are a perfectly harmless and effective way of fragrancing your home and office as they contain just a handful of ingredients, the active ingredients (reeds and a special diffuser oil) serving as a unique vessel through which to carry the fragrance until it disperses into the air.

Diffusers are particularly great because they last quite awhile – up to 5 or 6 months and the only real maintenance they require is a regular turning of the reeds so that the reeds can continue to disperse the fragrance without them getting completely saturated. Also when your fragrance runs out you can reuse the bottle and just purchase more diffuser oil and reeds so it works out to be very economical indeed.

There is also no flame so you can happily leave them to scent a room without fear of setting anything alight and of course The Secret Scent Societe’ diffusers come in an array of unique, luxurious and highly fragrant scents including our new “Vintage Gardenia” with Gardenia Flower and Sandalwood and RoseGold with Rose and another secret ingredient 😉

I will keep you posted as to when they will be available for sale. Right now I’m trying to source suitable packaging!



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