Pin Ups!

Pin Ups!




I hope you’re wrapping up warm! It’s starting to get very cold all of a sudden! brrr!

I FINALLY received my new reed diffuser bottles and made my first one on Monday night. I made it to give as a gift so I hope they like it!

I’m still trying to decide which fragrances I’d like to make for my new reed diffusers.

Which is your favourite scent? (see fragrance descriptions below). All fragrances are available to buy in candle form from my etsy page.

Ambrosial Peach: Ambrosial Peach has a sultry mix of fresh and fragrant Peaches and another secret ingredient. This elegant, sensual and classic aroma is quiet but dangerously captivating.

Black Frost combines Tomato Leaf, a gourmand, vanillic heart of Tonka Bean, zesty Orange and other secret ingredients to create an unusual, creamy, sophisticated, and highly addictive fragrance.

3 AM has a powdery, sweet, floral fragrance and is made up of Baby Powder, a heart of Ylang Ylang, smoky Nag Champa and other secret ingredients. This is a confident, opulent, glamorous fragrance that makes an impression and really lingers.

I’m also working on 5 new fragrances: Anniversary, Vintage Gardenia, RoseGold, Lavender, With Love and Imperial Jasmine.

Also, I joined Pinterest yesterday so if you’d like to see more of what I’m working on then Pin me!



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