Asos: The Bane. And the Love of my life

Asos: The Bane. And the Love of my life

I feel as though I’m in an abusive relationship with Asos.  I try hard to please but ultimately I almost always end up disappointed. I thought that if I showed my loyalty by signing up as a Premier customer, if I gave them money every month in exchange for a frock or two, this would be enough. I thought that my recommendation of them to others would show how much I valued them, but I am starting to feel lately, like I’m not appreciated. At all. Lately, when I’ve gone online to look for a dress, or a top, or some shoes, I am greeted with the much dreaded “Not in Stock”. I cannot take this. This is hugely disappointing. It hurts my heart. If I see something online that I like, I want. Simple as. I don’t really understand “Out of Stock”. Does that mean that they are currently out of stock but they are working very hard indeed to rectify this so that they are no longer Out of Stock?? Sadly in the case of Asos it does not. It simply means that you can pray till your hearts content for that particular item to reappear, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will make an appearance. Moreover, Asos have the crappy policy (unlike John Lewis and other similar online retail sites) of not telling there customers when something is back in stock. This means that I have to be some kind of Asos stalker, and hawk over there page like an obsessed cyber freak. I don’t take kindly to this but if I want said frock (or whatever item of clothing it may be). then I have no choice but to do this. Now this wouldn’t be so bad if I could actually rely on them to provide an accurate account of there stock levels at all times but this isn’t the case, and this has meant that on numerous occasions (and at times of the most agonisingly inconvenient and sometimes highly distressing for me), I have ordered something for Next day Delivery (needless to say because I wanted it imminently for one reason or another), only to sit at home twiddling my thumbs the next day waiting for Fed Ex to arrive with my treasured package, only for it to not bloodywell arrive!!
Then I arrive at work on the Monday morning (because my Asos account is set to go straight to my work inbox which I cannot access outside of working hours), only to be given a poor excuse as to why there incompetence cause me to be out of a garment. Btw, this is a Copy and Pasted message that they probably have written down in an Asos “How to fob off ones customers with minimal effort” manual.
They then proceed to offer me a miniscule sized discount which is supposed to please me no end. This discount though, will expire in about 7 days which means that they are basically trying to pimp me to buy more wares (wares I hasten to add, that they may not even have in bloody stock!). I rightly proceeded to tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine and sort out there crappy system which means that I can be looking at something that they do not even have! So far this absurd experience has happened to me about 4 times. On one occasion 3 times in a row because I still couldn’t work out whether the item was in stock or not because it allowed me to buy it. As a customer that really should get shares based on the frequency to which I buy from this company, I find this totally unacceptable. How do they run there business with such a lax attitude? surely it cant be rocket science to get a system where the website automatically updates when an item is purchased? I mean John Lewis can do it so why the bloodyhell can’t they? they are purely internet based afterall, it’s not as if you can pop into your nearest shop to get it if you can’t get it on there website. It’s disgraceful. And to top matters off, they protect themselves from hearing people rant at them as they don’t even have a telephone number that you can call!
They infuriate me so much it hurts. And it hurts all the more because I just can’t stop going back. I go back again and again because they always have things that I want on there. Most of my best frocks are from Asos and it pains me to know that they treat me so terribly, offering me a flimsy discount instead of rectifying the problem I have already complained to them on numerous times about!
Anyway *sigh* rant over. I’m off to look to see what New Stock they have!

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