The League Table

The League Table

I always wondered what it was about men that made them think that they could have there pick of the female bunch with total disregard to the most basic of requirements: COMPATIBILITY.

It seems as though most men just do not take themselves into consideration when looking for a partner. They look, they pick, they oftentimes even abuse, all without not even once wondering what THEY have to offer.

You see  all  these hideous looking men with hotties on there arms, arrogant men whose arrogance is misplaced trotting about town with hotties, duncebreeds, the unemployed, the uninteresting, and the male chauvanistic  and the downright unhygienic all with a vast array of choices that they shouldn’t have been able to get .

HOW do they do it?? – and more importantly, WHY do ladies fall for it? – are we really at a point where desperation is our friend and constant companion??

Some of the dudes that approach me offend me. They offend me so much that sometimes after the most traumatic experience of being chatted up by “night of the living dead”  personified I have to find the nearest mirror and confirm that I am indeed looking like I remembered I was last looking. But once I have confirmed that nothing has changed,  that  there has been no face reconstruction, no sudden obesity, no zits, warts, bogeys and hairy moles, I am then faced with the most grim reality that these hideous dudes, dunce dudes, arrogant dude, broke dudes, fat dudes, short dudes, stenching dudes just have BALLS.  Big ones! 

They feel NO WAY about approaching someone that THEY feel attracted to, and they genuinely do believe that it is YOU that is being unreasonable if you are not  accepting of there charms . Some of them even have the audacity to cuss you! telling you that you think that you are “too nice” when it is infact THEM that th ought  you  were nice hence why they approached you in the firstplace!

Why do men automatically expect us to like them when they have absolutely nothing about them to like?! !! 

And why should we TRY to find things about them that we like just so that we can claim to not be shallow?? – are they not being shallow when they approach  us  based on no other reason then  our  LOOKS?? 

They get to be picky and choosey on what and who they want so why can’t we? – I don’t settle for scraps, sorry. If I were a man looking for a partner the very first thing I would do is to LOOK AT MYSELF. SEE WHAT THEY MUST SEE. And then and only then will I begin to try to find someone who is on the same level as myself, be that spiritually, intellectually or otherwise. I will not try to approach someone who already has everything, when I have nothing to offer, because that wouldn’t make any sense and I would feel inferior to that person for the entire relationship should they choose (and highly unlikely that would be), to get with me.

Beauty and the Beast is an animation film. It is not real. I’m sure  that  there are some beautys who are attracted to busted dudes but lets get real, either there is something flawed in the beauty which balances out with his physical hideousness, the beauty has a fetish for ugliness (a rarity I’m sure you will agree), or the broken down dude has  serious COLLATEROL  with  financial prospects  and the beauty is a digger of gold.

Ladies need to start taking charge of this dating game  once and for all! We know how the League Table works!


2 thoughts on “The League Table

  1. Erm what about good sense of humour? Don’t ALL women want this? It’s defo number 1 on the list for “what do you look for in a man?” or do women really wanna say “looks, money & a big d*ck”? lol

  2. I agree, but I think what’s on the outside is what attracts us first as we are by nature very visual… But what happens next is what is more important… Its what that exterior leads to that is what defines us as individuals..
    We all yearn for beauty but are so confused with how we define it that we are all consumed with the pursuit of a constant change for visual contentment.

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