The Ever Elusive Louboutins…

The Ever Elusive Louboutins…

My hearts desire

When I first saw these beautys I knew instantly that love at first sight was not just a myth. I also knew that they had to be mine.  The combination of black patent material, 6 inch heels, red soles, transparency AND studs was just too fantastic a combination to believe would ever be brought to reality! –  I even went home and made room to accommodate there arrival!

 Unfortunately for me though, they were WAY out my price league (I mean I am on minimal earnings you know and they were in the £600 region).

So I resigned myself to hope..I hoped that someone would take pity on me and without me even having to ask, would purchase these for me as a gift.

Failing that, I realised reluctantly, that I would have to get them for myself as going without was simply not up for consideration.

But on my 28th Birthday I suddenly had a stroke of good will from my lovely friend Asa, who remembered the time when I was parading a picture of them up and down showing anyone and everyone who cared to listen about how much they meant to me and he called me the day before my birthday to tell me that he had purchased a pair for me and they would be arriving anytime soon!

Naturally I was overwhelmed with graciousness, particularly when he told me that they were being CUSTOM MADE in Louboutins factory and would have my name engraved on them! It was at that point when I just could not contain my excitement.

And I then proceeded to brag to EVERYONE. If everyone saw my footwear before then absolutely everyone heard that I was due to receive them. I even had people at work on standby, waiting to see, to feel, to smell these masterful creations when they turned up.

But they did not turn up. I waited. and I waited. and I waited. Stress enveloped me like never before. Stress and I feared a twinge of depression as I began to fret about them not turning up at all! I was booked to go to NY and I wanted to wear them there so the thought of not having them before I left was weighing heavily on my mind.

I was on the verge of actual tears when Asa reported that there had been some mix up with Fed Ex and that I wouldn’t get them in time. I was promised that they would be here by the time that I got back from my hols however, but still…nothing.

I’m heartbroken 😦


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