Pistachio (oh how I love thee)

Pistachio (oh how I love thee)

Have you ever had Pistachio Icecream? Have you ever had a Pistachio Macaron? Have you ever had a Pistachio Cake??

Well if you have then you will know that it’s one of lifes great necessary luxuries. It’s simply a must eat.

PAUL (the French pattissserie) do some dainty mini macarons. They come in packs of 8 and you get a variety of different flavours but undoubtedly the Pistachio is the best. Just deeeeelicious.

I bought about 6 packs of them for my Perfume Party in July and I hid 2 of them away so I could devour them on my lonesome at more “solitary” times.  Hehe.

I once had the combination of chocolate puddle pudding (you know that bowl shaped sponge cake with the oozing chocolate fondant), with pistachio icecream (they offered me vanilla pod icecream but I declined in favour of this interesting combo) and it was a special moment in time when spoon met mouth. 


And let’s PLEASE not forget one of my most treasured indulgences of ALL:  Scents. Laura Mercier does this absolutely DIVINE Pistachio scented body souffle. It really is to die for. When you smell it you’ll want to eat it!


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