Celebrity Comparisons

Celebrity Comparisons

 ME.                                                                                                                                           AMBER.

Why is is that people feel the need to compare you to random celebrity peeps?

I have been compared to everyone from Holly Robinson (yes she may look good for her age but she looks nothing like me and she aint hot!), Halle Berry (flattering but inaccurate), Stacey Dash (the most constant comparison I get), Amber Rose, (okay so I’m bald too, and she IS hot, but no, we look nothing alike), Naomi Campbell (likely and infact only because alot of people assume that I’m a model when they see me, nothing more), Beyonce (when I had long blonde hair: Get Real), Jennifer Lopez (when she was hot and when she was black?? – c’mon people she is a Latino, I am Black, see the similarity? – NO.), Keri Hilson – I have been getting this alot lately and I do take it as a compliment as I think that she is beautiful but still!

What I feel the need to ask people in times like this is: HOW is it possible that I can look like any of these people when none of them look like each other?? lol.

Why people think that I am going to be somehow elated that they have compared me to a celebrity is not yet understood. I am my own person in my own right and have my own physical attributes that make me me. I do not want to look like anybody else and neither do I need to.

When a guy comes up to me and says that he thinks I am beautiful, cute, fine, hot or whatever then that’s obviously lovely. But when a guy comes along and draws comparisons to randoms that THEY fancy making a failed attempt at a compliment then that is like slapping you right in the face.

Take people on there on merits!


One thought on “Celebrity Comparisons

  1. If I said I cant see the likeness I’d be lying, and Im not one to lie, so I wont say one word, but I will take this opportunity to say a few words and that is that Amber Rose is a highly sought after lady right about now…
    Maybe its for her stunning looks, figure, or the fact that she oozes sex appeal, or maybe its because of the rumours that she likes girls that likes girls…….
    That’s all that I am going to say on this matter…

    But I digress, I think its that you posses features from each of the ladies that you have been referenced to… which is not a bad thing… In fact, its quiet a good thing…

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